Uber will ‘likely’ be forced to license Waymo’s self-driving car tech or redesign its own

In context: Uber’s self-driving car technology has proven to be quite controversial over the past several years. It’s been at least partially responsible for numerous crashes — one of which was notoriously fatal — and the company has faced scrutiny for allegedly using Waymo’s trade secrets (provided by a former Continue Reading

In Hindsight… Infamous Tech Industry Predictions and Quotations

The computing industry is fuelled by prediction and gossip. Before the patent became the carefully guarded weapon it is today, chip engineers from competing companies would often share an astounding amount of information on an informal basis — not just with each other, but with the wider consumer audience as Continue Reading

Alienware launches GPU upgrade kits for Area-51m gaming laptop

Forward-looking: The real appeal of a modular system like this is whether or not users will be able to upgrade to the next generation of graphics card. History would suggest that’s a big “negative” but we won’t know for a while longer. Alienware at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this Continue Reading

AT&T automatically gives customers a ‘bonus’ 15GB of data, along with a $10 price increase

Everybody likes “bonuses,” right? Well, not necessarily — at least, not when those bonuses come from a major phone company like AT&T. In that scenario, there’s almost always a catch, and some AT&T customers learned that the hard way recently. AT&T recently decided to offer its Mobile Share plan customers Continue Reading

Bill Gates: Windows Phone failed because I was too distracted by an antitrust case

Big quote: Bill Gates thinks one of the main reasons why Microsoft was unable to build the world’s most popular mobile operating system is that he got too personally involved with the company’s antitrust battle. However, he’s not too concerned for Microsoft’s future, as the company has adapted to a Continue Reading

YouTube rolls out new homepage design with richer thumbnails and longer descriptions

Forward-looking: Most people are resistant to change but in this instance, YouTube is seemingly doing it the right way. None of the changes are drastic enough to cause a public outcry – heck, you might not even notice most of them without prior notice. YouTube is in the process of Continue Reading

Sony’s PlayStation leadership restructuring continues

What just happened? Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) on Thursday announced that Guerrilla Games’ Hermen Hulst has been promoted to head of Worldwide Studios, the collective group of development studios owned by Sony. Outgoing boss Shuhei Yoshida, meanwhile, will lead a new initiative focused on helping indie developers. In his new Continue Reading