Google is working on a way for Chrome to label slow websites

A tough task: While Google’s intentions seem good-hearted, the successful implementation of such a system could be incredibly tricky. Really, aside from encouraging site owners to adopt best practice with regard to optimizing their site for speed, I’m not sure how effective it can really be. For example, will it Continue Reading

Apple is said to release an AR headset in 2022 and a smaller pair of AR glasses by 2023

Something to look forward to: Everyone has been waiting for Apple to release its first augmented reality headset, and the company is indeed working on not one, but two of them. However, they might not see the light of day until 2022, since Apple is particularly concerned with getting things Continue Reading

Apple Watch Series 6 expected to have improved water resistance, better performance

Bottom line: The Apple Watch Series 5 is already water resistant to 50 meters. Further bolstering its ability to stay dry might allow Apple to certify it for extreme activities like water skiing or scuba diving. And improved performance –whether courtesy of better wireless chips or a faster SoC – Continue Reading

Qobuz becomes the first music streaming service to ditch ‘archaic’ MP3s

The big picture: MP3s were once the go-to format for digital music consumption but as streaming music providers gained traction thanks to the advent of faster mobile data and portable devices, the desire to maintain a massive personal library diminished. Qobuz, the specialty music streaming outfit that launched in the Continue Reading

Amazon is launching a new brand of grocery store that isn’t affiliated with Whole Foods

Bottom line: Being able to undercut the competition on cost could also give Amazon a leg up on the competition although considering margins are already incredibly thin in this industry, that seems like an unlikely route for Amazon to take if it wants to ensure decent profits. Amazon is planning Continue Reading

Hideo Kojima wins Guinness World Records for social media following

Japanese video game director Hideo Kojima recently took home a pair of Guinness World Records for his sizable social media following. The records-keeping body recently acknowledged Kojima as having the most followers on Twitter for a video game director and the most followers on Instagram for a video game director. Continue Reading

YouTube can now delete accounts that aren’t “commercially viable”

WTF?! Considering starting a YouTube channel? Maybe you already have one and are trying to add to your subscriber base. If so, here’s some potentially worrying news: The video platform says it can now ban users it deems “no longer commercially viable.” The strange rule appeared in YouTube’s new terms Continue Reading

Bluetooth technology is named after… Trivia

Developed by a consortium that is now called the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, the technology saw initial contributions from companies including Ericsson, IBM, Toshiba, Nokia and Intel, the last of which employed Jim Kardach who proposed using “Bluetooth” as a codename until a more formal name was established. The reference Continue Reading