iPhone bug shows Facebook app accessing the camera while scrolling through videos and the newsfeed

What just happened? People have discovered a bug in the Facebook app that seems to open the camera in the background, which is yet another privacy risk that wasn’t assessed by the company before releasing the latest version of the app to iPhone users. A fix is on the way. Continue Reading

Twitch Studio is now available to the public in its open-beta phase

In context: While getting started streaming your games on Twitch can be as easy as hitting the share button on your PS4 controller, these broadcasts lack the professionalism that you will see on experienced streamers’ channels. This is a make-or-break issue for beginners looking to generate followers. Fortunately, Twitch is Continue Reading

Facebook introduces ‘Facebook Pay,’ a new payment platform for Messenger and Facebook

It seems like just about every major tech company has come up with a branded payment system for its users. There’s Google Pay (once known as Android Pay), Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and now, Facebook Pay. Facebook Pay was announced today, with the primary goal of providing Facebook users with Continue Reading

8BitDo’s N30 wireless mouse is a must-have for NES lovers

Bottom line: The 8BitDo N30 wireless mouse is clearly a nostalgia grab. It doesn’t look very comfortable for long-term use and there are far better options out there in terms of practicality but boy is that retro design incredibly gorgeous. Third-party video game hardware maker 8BitDo is now shipping an Continue Reading

Opinion: Dell brings cloud business models “on prem”

In context: There have been some very interesting shifts and evolutions happening in the enterprise computing world over the last several years. It all started, of course, with the explosion of interest in cloud-based computing, as pioneered by Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) and then quickly followed by Microsoft’s Azure, IBM’s Continue Reading

AMD commits to ‘long-term’ support for sTRX4 CPU socket used with third-gen Threadripper

Bottom line: With third generation Threadripper processors set to arrive later this month, AMD has vowed to provide long-term support for the new sTRX4 socket. This is a good thing because the high-bandwidth sockets are not cross-compatible with previous generation sTR4 motherboards that were used for the first- and second-generation Continue Reading

AMD Ryzen 9 APUs could present a new challenge for Intel

Forward-looking: AMD has been doing everything right and is looking to parlay its recent victories into sustained success for the long haul. According to hardware leaker @Komachi, the chipmaker could do just that through the use of integrated graphics. As TechRadar highlights, a list of processors recently published by the Continue Reading

Star Wars episodes I through VII are on Disney+ in 4K with Dolby Vision HDR

What just happened? Disney+ is here, and with it comes a slew of Star Wars content. While we knew about The Mandalorian and the movies appearing on the service, one thing Disney didn’t mention was episodes I through VII being remastered in 4K with Dolby Vision HDR and Atmos support. Continue Reading