Google is bringing Gmail’s ‘Smart Compose’ feature to Google Docs

In brief: If you’re a fan of Google’s handy machine-learning powered ‘Smart Compose’ feature (used for auto-completing words and phrases in Gmail) you may be pleased to hear that it’s making its way to Google Docs in the near future. Indeed, the AI-powered feature is already available to test if Continue Reading

Facebook is moving to Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code for internal development

The big picture: Facebook is adopting Visual Studio Code for all of its software engineers, and is currently in the process of finishing the migration from its mix of Nuclide and Emacs for internal development. As part of the partnership with Microsoft, the company will also help improve remote development Continue Reading

Asus ROG Strix Go 2.4 gaming headset uses AI for improved background noise canceling

Artificial intelligence is used in almost every major industry nowadays, at least in some capacity — social media giants use it to manage their platforms, and car companies use it to improve their autonomous driving systems. All of these use cases are relatively obvious, and it isn’t hard to see Continue Reading

Qualcomm expects global shipments of 5G-ready smartphones to reach 450 million in 2021

Bottom line: The one major chink in the proverbial armor could be wireless carriers. Specifically, will they be able to get the infrastructure in place to support 5G in a meaningful capacity by 2021? Keep in mind that current 5G technology has a much more limited range than traditional 4G Continue Reading

DoNotPay’s AI now offers advice on license agreements before you accept the terms

Cutting corners: Tired of reading EULAs and ToS agreements? Don’t read them at all? DoNotPay’s “robot lawyer” has got your back. The company is now offering a subscription-based service that will read any licensing contract that you plug into it and alert you to loopholes and other conditions you should Continue Reading

Uber will soon record audio during rides… for safety

A hot potato: Uber clearly believes the perceived benefits of audio recording outweigh the shortcomings associated with personal privacy. They’ll need to tread very carefully, however, as this is a hot-button subject right now with severe implications if mishandled. Uber is reportedly planning to pilot a new feature in some Continue Reading

Diablo IV developer reveals ideas on a few key game-design elements being considered

Throwing us bones: Now that Diablo IV has been confirmed, in addition to quarterly development updates, we can expect Blizzard to start drip-feeding us information on the game’s progress. Indeed, that drizzle of details has already begun. In a blog post on Tuesday, Blizzard provided insights into some of Diablo Continue Reading

Heliogen achieves solar ‘breakthrough’ that could replace fossil fuels in some industries

Something to look forward to: Clean energy company Heliogen has developed a technique for creating concentrated solar energy that could be used to replace fossil fuels in key industrial processes. Its secret? Advanced computer vision that helps to hyper-accurately align mirrors. Up to this point, commercial concentrating solar thermal systems Continue Reading