Full Fact partners with a popular plague game to show how fake news spreads

Full Fact, the independent fact-checking organisation, has unveiled an unusual partnership with Ndemic Creations, the studio behind mobile video game Plague Inc. Plague Inc sees the player create a disease and evolve it to kill as many people in the world as possible (it is much better than it sounds). Continue Reading

Australia’s Christmas creatives: Anthony Moss, DDB Group Melbourne on Sainsbury’s Christmas Eve Truce

Every day an advertising creative from Australia and New Zealand will offer their own favourite Christmas campaign from over the years as we celebrate the best work from the festive period the world over and hear their views on what is best in class. The best advertising, whether it is Continue Reading

Nvidia: High framerates could lead to significantly better K/D ratios in competitive titles

In a nutshell: Did you know that higher refresh rates can give you a competitive edge during heated gaming sessions? That may seem like common sense to most avid PC gamers, but Nvidia has published a lengthy, in-depth article to hammer this point home even further. The GPU maker covers Continue Reading

Bulleit continues its 3D Printed Frontier Experience with art bottle exhibition

Bulleit Frontier Whiskey has looked to 3D printing and art to promote its brand over the last few years, and the artistic way in which it uses the modern technique is now going in its bottles. As part of the latest Bulleit Frontier Works project – the Bulleit 3D Printed Continue Reading

Game developers reportedly confirm Microsoft will release two Xbox consoles next year

Rumor mill: Although Microsoft continues to deny it has two versions of the next Xbox planned, rumors of a low-end console to be released with its main offering persist. Now a small group of game developers have come forward to say there is indeed two consoles coming out next year, Continue Reading

Peloton stands by its parody-tastic holiday ad, claims it has been ‘misinterpreted’

Workout brand Peloton has no plans to pull to its much-maligned holiday ad, despite enduring 48 hours of social and media mockery timed with a tanking stock price. Peloton, which founder John Foley describes as “an interactive media company”, stuck to its tried-and-tested aspirational formula with this year’s holiday ad, Continue Reading

BMW backtracks on decision to charge $80 annually for CarPlay access

Recap: Luxury carmaker BMW drew quite a bit of criticism earlier this year when it confirmed its plans to charge new customers an $80 annual premium to gain access to Apple’s “CarPlay” software. Given the high price tags luxury BMW vehicles come with, the whole situation was laughable, to say Continue Reading

Samsung’s foldable clamshell could be reasonably priced

The big picture: Samsung is reportedly planning to unveil a clamshell-style folding phone in February alongside the Galaxy S11, likely at the annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Could 2020 be the year of the affordable foldable? Industry sources familiar with the matter recently told the Korean Herald that the Continue Reading