Adam Liaw on the sausage in bread outcry and his favourite summer barbecue hacks | Food- Tempemail

I am a genius. I am a monster. This is what the voices of the internet have told me this past 24 hours after I posted on Twitter and Instagram my method for achieving barbecue perfection for the Australian icon that is the sausage in bread. The idea is simple. Continue Reading

AT&T brings its 5G network to six more cities, including NYC, Washington DC, and Las Vegas

Bottom line: Like its competitors, AT&T is rushing to expand its new 5G network as much as possible before the end of 2019. So far, the company has performed reasonably well (by modern network provider standards, that is). Earlier this month, they brought the technology to ten US cities, and Continue Reading

Fallout 76 cheater used a hack to rob players of hundreds of items

WTF?! Bethesda’s multiplayer experiment Fallout 76 has suffered numerous blunders since its release. Rather than cutting its losses and calling it a failure, the company has continued trying to make it work. Most of the gaffes originated directly from the developer, but the latest snafu is the fault of one Continue Reading

SK Hynix to delve further into consumer market with two new NVMe SSDs featuring 128-layer 4D NAND

In a nutshell: SK Hynix, for those not familiar, is a major supplier of DRAM and flash memory chips to OEMs from around the world. With its newest drives, the company is further expanding its reach into the consumer market. This past summer, SK Hynix launched its Gold S31 SATA Continue Reading

Amazon patent reveals hand-scanning technology it may want to use in Amazon Go stores

In a nutshell: If Amazon’s latest patent is any indication, you may soon be able to leave both your wallet and your phone at home when you visit an Amazon Go store. The online retailing giant has designs for a biometrics system that can identify users with a hand scan Continue Reading

Intel to introduce advanced cooling solution for laptops at CES 2020

In brief: Intel at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show next month is expected to unveil an advanced cooling solution that’ll allow notebook computers to better dissipate heat. Thanks to vapor chambers and graphite, systems could run up to 30 percent cooler. Supply chain sources tell DigiTimes that the new thermal Continue Reading

This is your chance to become a machine learning pro in 2020

Machine learning is transforming the way businesses operate. Understanding trends and patterns in complex data is becoming critical for success and with this comprehensive bundle you can get introduced to machine learning and the tools used to leverage it, like Python, Apache Spark, and TensorFlow. Make your way through the Continue Reading

Strong iPhone XR sales highlight Apple’s need for a low-cost iPhone SE 2

In brief: Ask the average tech consumer which iPhone they think was the best seller over the past few months and odds are, they’ll say the iPhone 11. That’d be a solid selection considering how heavily Apple and carrier partners marketed the latest generation handset in recent months but surprisingly, Continue Reading

Annie Potts reprises her Ghostbusters role for QuickBooks- Tempemail

Janine Melnitz was a particularly grumpy character in Ghostbusters. The office manager for the Ghostbusters, played expertly by Annie Potts, she was known for her abrupt demeanor and her signature phone greeting, “Ghostbusters, whaddya want?” That character is returning after a long absence in a campaign for QuickBooks, and her Continue Reading