Senator asks the FTC to investigate AdBlock for alleged privacy law violation

In context: Advertisements are how many websites stay afloat these days, but many users have opted to avoid seeing them entirely by installing ad-blocking browser extensions, like AdBlock or AdBlock Plus. However, even those add-ons don’t always do what they promise to. AdBlock Plus, in particular, has drawn criticism in Continue Reading

Microsoft patches Windows 10, Server ‘authentipocalypse’ bug – Security- Tempemail

Microsoft has released details on a potentially serious vulnerability in Windows 10 and Server that could be exploited to spoof certificates to sign executable files, making malicious code appear as if it comes from a trusted provider. In its advisory for CVE-2020-0601, Microsoft explained the flaw in the Windows cryptographic application Continue Reading

Final Fantasy VII Remake delayed until April for ‘final polish’

In context: Game delays are common. Sometimes they are frustrating, but consumers have learned to become patient as purchasing a bad release is worse than waiting a little longer for something to come out. Developers also know that in a highly competitive market, their products have to shine. This is Continue Reading

Census Bureau aims to reach every person in the US with $500m, 1000-ad campaign- Tempemail

The US Census Bureau has launched a $500m public education and outreach campaign, which will feature more than 1000 ads designed to reach 99% of all US households. The initiative aims to communicate the importance of responding to the 2020 Census. The Census Bureau conducted extensive research to create the Continue Reading

Windows 7 is reportedly still in use across hundreds of millions of PCs

In context: Windows 10 is a popular operating system, but it seems Windows 7 is still going strong, too. Although official support for the latter OS ended today, Windows 7 still has hundreds of millions of loyal users, and no amount of prodding, persuasion, or fearmongering from Microsoft has convinced Continue Reading

Sony’s new wireless shooting grip for mirrorless cameras adds peace of mind

Why it matters: Lots of higher-end, standalone digital cameras these days offer various levels of waterproofing but much of it is enabled by the rubber plugs that slot into ports when they aren’t being used. The added bit of flexibility afforded here could be the difference between getting the shot Continue Reading