Louis Vuitton’s latest truly-wireless ‘Horizon Earphones’ are now available for $1,000

In context: We here at TechSpot are no stranger to covering expensive tech gadgets. The average smartphone can easily cost upwards of $1,000 these days, and various “luxury” device brands love to charge thousands of dollars for their latest products, even if the specifications and features don’t merit that sort Continue Reading

Leica’s new M10 Monochrom is only for those interested in shooting black and white stills

The big picture: Leica has even gone so far as to remove its iconic red dot logo from the front of the camera and color-filled engravings for a very minimalist look. The design element further enhances the black and white character of the camera, we’re told. German camera manufacturer Leica Continue Reading

Disney drops Fox name from production studios- Tempemail

Ten months after buying 21st Century Fox’s properties for $73.1bn, Disney is removing the Fox name from two major production studios. The 85-year-old 20th Century Fox film studio will be renamed 20th Century Studios, and Fox Searchlight Pictures will be called Searchlight Pictures. According to Variety, while dropping the Fox Continue Reading

Microsoft opens up its Xbox Console Streaming preview to the world

In context: The game streaming wars are heating up, and just about every major player in this industry has something on the table right now. Google has Stadia, Microsoft is working on Project xCloud, and Sony has its Remote Play and PlayStation Now services. Microsoft has also quietly been working Continue Reading

Alphabet becomes fourth US company to hit $1 trillion valuation

What just happened? While stock analysts give very little weight to market cap valuations, companies like to tout the numbers as a measure of growth. Only a handful of companies have reached $1 trillion and Alphabet is the latest. On Thursday, Google’s parent company Alphabet closed trading at $1,450.16 per Continue Reading

Joe Biden wants to make Facebook liable for users’ content by revoking Section 230

In brief: While most critics of social media giants agree that we need better regulation to increase accountability, Joe Biden thinks an easier route would be to repeal Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act that gives those companies the excuse of enabling free speech and giving users a voice. Continue Reading

‘The voice of blind people hasn’t been heard’: inside the fight for audio-described ads- Tempemail

Imagine there was a way to reach hundreds of millions more people with your TV ad by changing nothing at all. Imagine being able to speak directly to the 3% of the US population previously neglected by every other brand. Imagine increasing your media spend by just 0.0001% to boost Continue Reading