Wattam review – wacky world where, from acorns, golden poos grow | Games

Over a decade has passed since developer Keita Takahashi’s first major work in surrealist game design. Katamari Damacy – a glorious fever dream of the PlayStation 2 era which was recently named one of the Guardian’s 50 best video games of the 21st century – helped cement Takahashi as a Continue Reading

Elon Musk set to cash in at Tesla as deliveries and shares soar | Technology

One of the options on a fully loaded Tesla is “ludicrous mode”, a setting offering a 0-60mph acceleration time of 2.8 seconds for drivers who find its “insane mode” too sedate. To some investors, that’s similar to chief executive Elon Musk’s bonus package: if the electric carmaker’s share price goes Continue Reading

$1tn is just the start: why tech giants could double their market valuations | Technology

Alphabet, the tech giant formerly known as Google, on Thursday night became the fourth company in history to reach a trillion-dollar (£776bn) valuation. In less than 24 hours, some analysts were predicting that the company, founded in a messy Silicon Valley garage 21 years ago, could double in value again Continue Reading

Daniel Susskind: ‘Automation of jobs is one of the greatest questions of our time’ | Technology

Daniel Susskind is an economist and fellow of Balliol College, Oxford. He has held policy roles in the Blair and Cameron governments. His new book, A World Without Work, explores how society should respond to the increasing automation of employment. This isn’t an unexplored topic, so why did you write Continue Reading

Hypocrisy is at the heart of Facebook’s refusal to ban false political advertising | John Naughton | Opinion

On 20 December last, Andrew Bosworth, a long-time Facebook executive and buddy of the company’s supreme leader, Mark Zuckerberg, published a longish memo on the company’s internal network. The New York Times somehow obtained a copy and reported it on 7 January, which led Mr Bosworth then to publish it Continue Reading

Valve confirms Left for Dead 3 is not in development

In brief: The gaming niches of the internet have been ablaze with rumors of Left for Dead 3 recently, a suspected follow-up to 2009’s epic zombie-filled co-op shooter. But Valve has shot-down the idea, confirming that it’s “absolutely not” currently in development. Everyone loves a rumor that involves “Valve” and Continue Reading

Heston Blumenthal: that almost looks good enough to eat, chef | Rebecca Nicholson | Opinion- Tempemail

Heston Blumenthal has spoken about the ongoing issue of diners picking up their phones before their knives and forks while eating at his Berkshire restaurant, the Fat Duck. He is reluctant to ask people not to take pictures of the food before they start to eat, however, despite his disapproval. Continue Reading

Baldur’s Gate 3 update: Larian teases that “something’s brewing”

If you’re currently among the masses that are lamenting the delay of Cyberpunk 2077, or any of the other notable delays announced recently, then perhaps you’ll find comfort in a Baldur’s Gate 3 update. As many of you may recall, Larian Studios, the developer behind the critically acclaimed Divinity: Original Continue Reading