Final Fantasy VII Remake theme song trailer features cross-dressing Cloud

In a nutshell: Square Enix on Friday shared a new Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer featuring the game’s theme song, “Hollow.” The nearly four-minute-long spot highlights a particularly interesting scene in Final Fantasy VII where Cloud dresses up as a woman to help save one of his friends. As The Continue Reading

Microsoft Edge will let you automatically block ‘potentially unwanted app’ downloads

In context: Nobody likes unwanted programs on their system, even if they aren’t necessarily harmful. Regardless, many websites still try to push users to download this not-technically-dangerous “adware” in addition to (or, in some cases, in place of) the software they were originally looking for. Fortunately, there may be some Continue Reading

The EU is moving ahead with push for a common charging standard after decisive vote

Recap: The EU is forging ahead with a decisive vote on regulation that will push manufacturers to adopt a common standard for wired and wireless chargers. Earlier this month, news broke that EU regulators were drafting new legislation that would push all mobile device manufacturers towards a single charging standard. Continue Reading

Iowa drops charges against security pros arrested for courthouse penetration testing

In context: Security professionals, particularly penetration experts, have a pretty tough job. Government organizations and corporations will hire these individuals to look for physical vulnerabilities and security loopholes in their operations. Much like the disclosure of serious software flaws, the end goal of this process is to improve security overall. Continue Reading

Intel Core i9-10900K spied in 3DMark database with 5.1GHz boost clock

Something to look forward to: Intel’s upcoming Core i9-10900K CPU will carry a base clock of 3.7GHz and boost up to 5.1GHz according to recently uncovered results from a 3DMark benchmarking run. The chip could be Intel’s best shot at holding off AMD but will excess heat generation be a Continue Reading

Disney’s animatronic Spider-Man will swing over Disneyland crowds this summer

Looking back: I still remember my first trip to Disneyland as a child. There were so many Amazing things that made you wonder, “How did they do that?” The animatronics were particularly awe-inspiring for a 7-year-old, but on subsequent visits, they seemed — well, robotic. If early testing is anything Continue Reading

Super Bowl adjacent ads: How McDonald’s, Tums and more are getting in on the action- Tempemail

Super Bowl ads now run up to $5.6m for a 30-second spot. While some brands would love to be a part of the big game, they don’t want to spend the money, that’s where adjacent placement comes in. Brands can glom on to the Big Game without the huge spend Continue Reading

Super Bowl 2020: the ins and outs of the big game’s advertisers- Tempemail

Despite the rise of online advertising, the Super Bowl is still advertising’s biggest day, with major brands throwing down as much as $5.6m for a 30-second spot. Fox Sports stated that it sold out of its inventory back in November. Advertisers will no doubt be hoping for a better game Continue Reading