Australians are going to want the apocalypse-proof Tesla Cybertruck

“Here in straya, we drive utes.” The Tesla Cybertruck was received with mixed feelings to say the least, but not surprisingly Aussies have viewed it with unique disgust. The Cybertruck’s ‘super-utility’ marketing targets the true Australian digger, the bloke that goes bush-bashing for days to get into the perfect fishing Continue Reading

Amy Orben: ‘To talk about smartphones affecting the brain is a slippery slope’ | Technology

Amy Orben is a research fellow at the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit at the University of Cambridge. She works in the field of experimental psychology and her speciality is analysing large-scale datasets to determine how social media and the use of digital technology affect the wellbeing of teenagers. Continue Reading

10 advertising insights from Facebook’s earnings call- Tempemail

This week, Facebook announced its full year revenue numbers for the last year – here’s a look at some of the key takeaways when it came to advertising numbers. Facebook’s growth = advertising market recession Full year revenue for 2019 was $71bn with an impressive 27% growth rate. eMarketer reports Continue Reading

Microsoft wants you to know they’ve improved Windows 10 lately

In context: Windows 10 is turning five this year, and to celebrate the occasion, Microsoft has released a comprehensive list of all the user-recommended features they’ve added. It’s easy to take these little upgrades for granted, but Microsoft has truly made Windows 10 a lot more comfortable since launch. Here Continue Reading

The OECD says 137 countries are scrambling to rewrite international tax rules by the end of 2020

Why it matters: Tech giants have been relying on careful tax-planning strategies using low-tax locations for years, but a new initiative by the OECD means no less than 137 countries are willing to work together to update international tax rules for today’s complex, digitalized industry. The governments of 137 countries Continue Reading

Facebook Gaming unveils tools for streamers to fight online trolls

Cutting corners: Watching streamers can be fun except when internet trolls try to disrupt the fun. Facebook is trying to give video creators more power to enforce community standards to make watching a little more bearable for most people. Tools include the ability set up rules ahead of time that Continue Reading

Budget 2020: What Finance Minister Offers The Technology Industry- Tempemail

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman walks into the parliament with the infamous bahi-khata she introduced in the last budget. Laced with golden borders, the emblem beams prominently. In July 2019, the budget was presented by FM was the first time where she broke the colonial tradition of carrying a briefcase to Continue Reading

Budget 2020: Finance Minister Highlights the Role Of Technology Across Sectors- Tempemail

A quick update on sectors and schemes where Finance Minister acknowledges the use of new technology. A comprehensive budget speech given by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman was an important one for the technology industry. Apart from specific technology-related proposals, she has mentioned the use of technology in uplifting other sectors Continue Reading

Budget 2020: AI and ML On Backdrop. What Are Industry Leaders Saying?- Tempemail

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that the Union Budget’s current objective is to boost the income of people and also enhance their purchasing power. New technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) shall remain on the backdrop. Going by the Finance Minister’s words, she said that the Union Budget is to boost Continue Reading