Nvidia GPU with 7,552 CUDA cores spotted in benchmark database

Through the looking glass: A pair of next-gen Nvidia graphics cards have been discovered in the Geekbench database. One has 118 compute units, and the other 108. Given compute units generally contain 64 cores, the two cards are implied to have 7,552 and 6,912 CUDA cores, respectively… with a catch. Continue Reading

When up means down: why do so many video game players invert their controls? | Games

Imagine you are playing a video game where you’re looking out over an explorable world. You have a controller in your hand and you want your character to look or move upwards: in what direction do you push the joystick? If the answer is “up”, you’re in the majority – Continue Reading

Rishi Sunak: reality check for a brand stirred up over a cuppa | Rebecca Nicholson | Opinion- Tempemail

Let’s call it a brew-haha. When Rishi Sunak tweeted a picture of himself “making tea for the team” as he prepared for his first budget as chancellor, he also whacked in a free and, by all accounts unexpected, endorsement of Yorkshire Tea. Posing with a gigantic packet of teabags, plus Continue Reading

The Insider’s Guide to Twitter Marketing

Twitter. It’s what’s happening.  Whether it’s ground-breaking news stories or viral memes, users from around the world flock to this platform for their daily dose of microblogging. As marketers, we must realize that this makes Twitter a key setting for social media marketing. However, anyone who has a Twitter would know that Continue Reading

Six grand and a Rolex: lure of riches sucked me into online fraud | Technology

Like most 18-year-olds, “Carlos” is never far from his phone, using it to catch up on his social media feeds and scroll through friends’ pictures. Unlike most teenagers though, he posted photographs depicting a level of affluence unlikely for someone who left school after GCSEs and is now a junior Continue Reading

What Should I Watch On Netflix? Binge Without Guessing [2020 Edition]

Have you ever found yourself sitting in front of the Netflix screen, endlessly scrolling through shows, and wondering “what should I watch on Netflix tonight?” Hours later you find it’s time for bed, but you haven’t actually watched anything! Welcome to the world of “choice paralysis”. A situation where you Continue Reading