Microsoft relabels its Windows 10 diagnostic data collection settings to boost transparency

Why it matters: Thanks to the constant data collection practices that big tech companies employ these days, protecting your digital privacy is more complicated than ever. Though the biggest offenders in this area tend to be search and shopping giants like Google and Amazon, Microsoft has been known to use Continue Reading

Why Purell can’t talk about the coronavirus in its marketing and communications- Tempemail

The nationwide demand for Purell hand sanitizer has become somewhat of a meme of the Covid-19 times. Yet despite the boom in chatter and awareness, FDA restrictions are blocking the brand itself from owning or even joining the conversation around personal cleanliness and coronavirus. A number of cleaning brands including Continue Reading

FCC to vote on rules mandating mobile carriers authenticate calls

In brief: In the continuing war on robocall, FCC Chair Ajit Pai put forth new rules that would require carriers to implement the SHAKEN/STIR framework. This protocol is used to authenticate callers. It should be able to identify when a company is spoofing numbers. In 2018, the FCC wanted cellular Continue Reading

Study shows that lettuce grown on the ISS is just as healthy as its Earth-grown counterpart

Futurology: Back in 2015, astronauts aboard the International Space Station ate the first-ever lettuce grown in space. It was quite an accomplishment for humanity, and it reinforced beliefs that humans could one day live among the stars. Today, we’ve hit another, smaller milestone related to that five-year-old achievement: researchers have Continue Reading

This Unpatchable Flaw Affects All Intel CPUs Released in Last 5 Years – Tempemail

All Intel processors released in the past 5 years contain an unpatchable vulnerability that could allow hackers to compromise almost every hardware-enabled security technology that are otherwise designed to shield sensitive data of users even when a system gets compromised. The vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2019-0090, resides in the hard-coded firmware Continue Reading

Why are we concerned about foreign interference through social media? Australian politics live podcast | Australia news- Tempemail

Social media is increasingly being used by foreign actors to spread misinformation and to confuse public debate, both in Australia and overseas. A Senate committee is looking into the risk posed to Australia’s democracy by this foreign interference, chaired by Jenny McAllister. Katharine Murphy chats to McAllister and the shadow Continue Reading

For social justice to prevail, we need anger fuelled by love | Sisonke Msimang’s 2020s vision | Opinion- Tempemail

When it comes to climate justice, racism, misogyny and deepening inequality – the big issues that confront us today – our society seems at an impasse, locked into a series of hardened debates that seem to go nowhere. One of the most urgent questions of our time concerns how reasonable Continue Reading