Google’s Advanced Protection Program will start blocking third-party Android app installations

In brief: One of the main benefits of owning an Android phone is the ability to easily install and access apps outside of the Google Play Store with relatively few restrictions. However, members of Google’s Advanced Protection Program (APP) might not be able to continue this practice for long — Continue Reading

Sony reveals PlayStation 5 specifications, including support for internal NVMe SSD upgrades

The big picture: Just like Microsoft’s new console, Sony devoted a lot of effort into making the PlayStation 5 feel like a true generational leap with an exotic silicon architecture and a revamped memory and storage architecture worthy of being called next-gen. Microsoft recently revealed the full specifications and internal Continue Reading

Many are turning to digital fundraising platforms for financial relief

Why it matters: Trying times often bring out the best in people. We’ve seen it demonstrated time and again when events like natural disasters or even terrorism cripple a region. With established digital fundraising platforms like GoFundMe in place, it’s never been easier to reach out and lend a helping Continue Reading

Steam’s latest ‘Game Festival’ event offers up 59 free indie game demos

In brief: In December, Valve offered its Steam users a taste of the gaming trade show experience via the “Game Festival,” a three-day digital event that corresponded with the real-world Game Awards. It allowed users at home to test out several in-development games through timed demos. Now, Steam is trying Continue Reading

Digital Transformation Festival day 3 highlights – including L’Oréal, IBM and Ogilvy- Tempemail

With Tempemail’s Digital Transformation Festival now in full-swing, day three continued with more streamed sessions and exclusive online content. Today’s headline session saw L’Oréal’s chief digital officer Lubomira Rochet sit down with Tempemail to discuss her career at the beauty giant, why it’s prioritising tech, and how growth in e-commerce Continue Reading

Google launches “Works with Chromebook” badge for accessories

Why it matters: Google’s new Works with Chromebook program should give customers greater confidence in the accessories they buy for their Chromebook. Similar to other certification programs, Google has partnered with third-party accessory manufacturers to ensure their products work well with Chromebooks to avoid compatibility problems. Google is launching an Continue Reading

Google halts Chrome browser and Chrome OS releases due to coronavirus outbreak

In a nutshell: Google’s decision is proof positive that working remotely isn’t ideal in all circumstances. While still technically possible thanks to the Internet and numerous collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams and Slack, there is undoubtedly some efficiency that gets lost in the process. Worse yet, imagine the headache Google Continue Reading

‘Just keep laughing!’: Judi Dench leads older stars lifting spirits on Twitter | Film- Tempemail

Now that Cats has faded from view, doomed to become an artefact held up by future historians as a decadent totem of how human beings spent their precious time back when they were allowed out of the house, it might be time to welcome Judi Dench back into the fold. Continue Reading

Why ad land shouldn’t let short-termism dictate its response to the coronavirus crisis- Tempemail

Around the world, increasingly serious measures are being taken by governments to minimise the spread of Covid-19 and there is now no doubt about its potential for disrupting the ad industry and the wider business community. However, is the ad industry letting short-termism dictate its response to the crisis? Speaking Continue Reading