Privacy boffins call for legislated protections from coronavirus tracker app – Security – Software- Tempemail

Australians should have a legislated right to be forgotten similar to EU citizens according to a location privacy expert concerned about the introduction of a contact tracing app designed to help contain the coronavirus outbreak. Dr Mahmoud Elkhodr from Central Queensland University a series of safeguards will be needed to Continue Reading

Asos and Zoella hit with ad ban over ‘unclear’ promotional Instagram post- Tempemail

Asos and influencer Zoe Sugg (AKA Zoella) have been issued with a warning from the UK’s advertising regulator for failing to correctly signpost a paid-for Instagram post. The decision from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) underscores the nuances faced by both brands and influencers when badging sponsored content within the Continue Reading

The Truth About Amazon review – a punters’ guide to the retail giant’s jungle | Television & radio

I forget how much of an unbearable metropolitan elitist I am sometimes. When I see a programme called The Truth About Amazon, I automatically think it’s going to be an excoriating investigation into some of the alleged abuses of its workers. These are so many that, taken together, they would Continue Reading

Tempemail Marketing Awards USA 2020 finalists: including Taco Bell, Netflix and Bud Light- Tempemail

Taco Bell, Old Navy, Olay, KY, Netflix, Panasonic, Bud Light, IBM and Revlon are among the brands that have made the shortlist of Tempemail Marketing Awards USA 2020. These awards recognize the best in the business and then make sure their peers, clients and potential recruits know all about them. Continue Reading

Block party: eight brilliant Minecraft models to attempt at home | Games

With lockdown entering its fifth week, Minecraft is proving a useful venue for friends and families to meet up, play together and work on collaborative projects. The game is widely used in schools throughout the world to teach everything from sustainable farming to the history of art, and Microsoft recently Continue Reading

3 techniques to protect your brand’s reputation during the pandemic- Tempemail

This is an incredibly difficult time for you and your business. More than likely, this global crisis has also affected your customers, or your suppliers, or your clients, or even all of them. Covid-19 has caused damage beyond more than just our health. Professional life, as we know it, has Continue Reading

GCHQ calls on public to report coronavirus-related phishing emails | Technology

GCHQ is asking members of the public to report suspicious emails they have received amid a wave of scams and hacking attacks that seek to exploit fear of Covid-19 to enrich cybercriminals. Epidemics of infectious diseases behave in different ways but the 1918 influenza pandemic that killed more than 50 million people Continue Reading

Covid-19 is temporary, but attention to the environment must be permanent- Tempemail

We’re living in a society where we’re constantly encouraged to do ‘better for the planet’. And I don’t disagree. But we’re at a point of inflection when a lot of people don’t know what’s best for the planet. From fake news to real news – it’s information overload everywhere you Continue Reading

Facebook bans some anti-lockdown protest pages | Facebook

Facebook said on Monday that it was banning users from organizing “events that defy government’s guidance on social distancing”. The company’s decision to selectively enforce state public health orders came amid a spate of rallies protesting against statewide stay-at-home orders in cities cross the US, and it drew condemnation from Continue Reading