Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Mental Health Awareness Month- Tempemail

May is mental health awareness month and now more than ever, it is important we pause to take time and reflect on mental health. Covid-19 has affected all of us in one shape or another, some more than others. If you’ve never practiced or thought about mental health, just being Continue Reading

As Vice cuts headcount, Refinery29 ploughs ahead with Latinx brand launch- Tempemail

The coronavirus has sent publishers’ advertising revenues into decline, forcing many to lay off staff and hold back product developments. However, Refinery29 is bucking that trend with the launch of a new platform for the Latinx community, despite parent company ViceMedia Group cutting 5% of its staff today (15 May). Continue Reading

BEN chief Ricky Ray Butler on brand safety, lockdown & influencers- Tempemail

The entertainment world is continually re-examining its relationship with advertisers as it looks to make maximum revenue while proving it can effectively engage with consumers in various ways, and that has become all the more vital during the international pandemic. Ricky Ray Butler is the chief executive of The Branded Continue Reading

Freeview spot celebrates terrestrial TV’s role in our lives during lockdown- Tempemail

With more people than ever sat in front of TV, Freeview is making a case for the integral role it plays in keeping the nation informed, entertained, connected and inspired during lockdown. “Since the beginning of the UK lockdown, public service broadcasters have risen to the challenge, creating new bespoke Continue Reading

The Importance of Accelerated Distributed Computing for 5G and Beyond- Tempemail

By Jeff Gowan The multifaceted needs of a 5G network creates new requirements, like those for AI, IoT, and MEC applications, that legacy technology cannot meet. Due to 5G’s requirement to distribute compute nodes to 10’s of thousands of different sites to support the explosion of new connected devices, there Continue Reading

How to Streamline Data Access for Remote Teams during the Pandemic | Tempemail

The enterprise workforce has long been spread across multiple office sites. But today they’re also working from living rooms, airports, coffee shops and other remote locations. In fact, research shows that nearly two-thirds of organizations today have remote workers. This new reality presents several IT and data management challenges. With Continue Reading

Millions risk being locked out of Covid-19 contact tracing app | Technology

Ten million people in the UK risk being locked out of the Covid-19 contact-tracing app because of a “digital divide”, putting potential constraints on their ability to access work and safeguard their health, a parliamentary committee has heard. Almost 2m households in the UK do not have any internet access, Continue Reading

TikTok Accused of Breaching Child Privacy Regulations | Tempemail

Sourced from Cosmico At least twenty advocacy groups have accused TikTok of violating child privacy regulations in the US and breaching a settlement that the viral video app agreed with the Federal Trade Commission last year over a previous privacy complaint. The groups, which include the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Continue Reading

‘This isn’t cannabis 2.0’: are psychedelics the next frontier for advertising?- Tempemail

In February, Decca Aitkenhead found herself taking magic mushrooms on a beach in Jamaica. She took a friend, ratioed one bad trip to two good, came some way to processing her dealings with mortality and experienced one of the best days of her life. Then she came home and wrote Continue Reading

Tempemail Design Awards: British Design Fund’s John Mathers pays tribute to Glenn Tutssel & talks chair award- Tempemail

Non-alcoholic spirit brand Senser has picked up the chair’s award at Tempemail Design Awards, with chairman John Mathers, design director of the British Design Fund, praising the work as ‘beautiful’ while taking time to remember his friend Glenn Tutssel who helped launch the awards and sadly passed away last year. Continue Reading