Does the CovidSafe app work? | Australia news

The CovidSafe app, rolled out in late April, was sold to the public as a measure that would ‘save lives and protect lives’. On this episode of Full Story reporter Josh Taylor explores a series of flaws in the app that’s causing problems for users, and for at least one Continue Reading

Musk’s SpaceX set for debut astronaut mission, renewing NASA’s crewed launch program – Hardware- Tempemail

Entrepreneur Elon MUS$k’s SpaceX is set to launch two American astronauts to the International Space Station on Wednesday from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, ending the US space agency’s nine-year hiatUS$ in human spaceflight. California-based SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule carrying astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken and its Falcon Continue Reading

Tech companies target temperature-monitoring patches for COVID-19 – Hardware- Tempemail

A group of tech companies is working on a patch about the size of small bandage that could be worn to monitor for the elevated body temperatures that can sometimes signal the onset of COVID-19. The patch would be powered by a specially designed microchip that will be made in Continue Reading

How Lenovo is Pursuing Sustainable Supercomputers | Tempemail

The Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ) in Munich, Germany, contains no ordinary supercomputer. Sure, it has thousands of servers, or nodes, stacked in rows in a windowless vault with technicians working diligently on huge data crunching conundrums for research organisations; running simulations to try and better predict future natural disasters like Continue Reading

ACCC sets consumer data right ‘IT backbone’ live – Finance – Strategy- Tempemail

Australia’s competition regulator has flicked the switch on the register and accreditation application platform (RAAP) for the consumer data right ahead of its planned start in July. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission launched the platform, which it has described as the “IT backbone” of the scheme, on Tuesday. The Continue Reading

Hackers Release New Jailbreak that Unlocks Every iPhone | Tempemail

Sourced from Macworld. A renowned iPhone hacking team has released a new ‘Jailbreak’ tool that unlocks every iPhone, even the most recent models running the latest iOS 13.5. For as long as Apple has kept up its walled garden approach to iPhones by only allowing apps and customization that it Continue Reading

New Android Flaw Affecting Over 1 Billion Phones Let Attackers Hijack Apps – Tempemail

Remember Strandhogg? A security vulnerability affecting Android that malicious apps can exploit to masquerade as any other app installed on a targeted device to display fake interfaces to the users, tricking them into giving away sensitive information. Late last year, at the time of its public disclosure, researchers also confirmed Continue Reading

RangeAmp attacks turn CDNs into giant DoS cannons – Cloud – Security- Tempemail

Chinese researchers have outlined a way to abuse small requests to web servers hosted through content delivery networks that allows attackers to generate DDoS attacks. Named RangeAmp [pdf] the attack exploits the hyper text transfer protocol (HTTP) Range Requests attribute to ask for a random, small amount of data from Continue Reading