Monash Uni infosec staff find gaping security hole in Palo Alto Networks gear – Security- Tempemail

Palo Alto Networks has issued patches for a critical authentication bypass in several of its enterprise security products that was reported to the security vendor by two Monash University infosec staff. The flaw, discovered by cybersecurity systems analyst Salman Khan and systems engineer Cameron Duck at Monash University, rates 10 Continue Reading

Govt reveals $1.35bn investment in cybersecurity over next decade – Security- Tempemail

The government has unveiled a $1.35 billion investment to beef up Australia’s cybersecurity capabilities over the next decade, a third of which will go into a new team of 500 specialists. The investment is being called the “largest ever … in cybersecurity” in the country, and will be known as Continue Reading

NSW Health deploys Microsoft Teams to all 140,000 staff – Cloud – Software- Tempemail

NSW Health has equipped more than 100,000 staff with Microsoft Teams since the federal and state government ramped up their public health response to the coronavirus pandemic in March. The department’s digital arm, eHealth NSW, on Monday said all of its more than 140,000 staff now had access to the Continue Reading

India bans 59 mostly Chinese apps amid border crisis – Software- Tempemail

India has banned 59 mostly Chinese mobile apps including TikTok and WeChat in its strongest move yet targeting China in the online space since a border crisis erupted between the two countries this month. India’s technology ministry issued an order stating the apps are “prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of Continue Reading

Mayonaise Joins The Ranks of The Seven-Figure-Earning Hackers- Tempemail

Congratulations to @mayonaise, the ninth hacker to earn $1 Million hacking for good on the Tempemail platform!  Over the past 2 years, @mayonaise has helped to find over 170 real-world vulnerabilities in enterprise and government organizations, earned his place as a live hacking event MVH (most valuable hacker), and holds Continue Reading

Reddit bans largest pro-Trump subreddit amid hate speech crackdown | Technology- Tempemail

Reddit and Twitch became the latest social media companies to ban or suspend pro-Donald Trump accounts over hate speech on Monday, further isolating Facebook in its reluctance to enforce content rules against the US president’s hateful and violent rhetoric. Reddit banned its largest pro-Trump message board (known as a subreddit), Continue Reading

Telephone review – dial S for stranger in a night of unexpected connections | Stage

The range of theatrical experiences emerging online is truly impressive. So far, I’ve tracked down a missing woman, been pulled into a whistleblower’s shady investigations and summoned up storms alongside a Shakespearean spirit. But Coney’s latest show, Telephone, is in a whole new genre: an entrancingly low-key combination of storytelling Continue Reading

Reddit bans Donald Trump fan page and thousands of other communities in move against hate speech- Tempemail

Reddit has banned an online message board dedicated to supporting Donald Trump, and thousands of other online communities, in sweeping new measures designed to combat hate-speech. Reddit said in a statement that it banned The_Donald subreddit, which had nearly 800,000 users, due to repeated rule-breaking, as it announced new rules Continue Reading

How hate speech campaigners found Facebook’s weak spot | Technology

It took less than two hours for Facebook to react and it did so for good reason. At 5pm on Friday, Unilever, one of the world’s largest advertisers, with a portfolio of products that ranges from Marmite to Vaseline, suddenly announced it was pulling all adverts from Facebook, Instagram and Continue Reading

Huawei’s Child-friendly MatePad T8 Now Available in South Africa | Tempemail

As many parents continue to keep their young ones at home, children are beginning to adapt to digital technologies at an exceedingly rapid rate. The days of colouring-in books have now been replaced by tablets and interactive face-to-face classes with teachers have morphed into engaging online lessons. This change seems Continue Reading