Russell Crowe’s Unhinged plea: only he can persuade us back into cinemas | Film- Tempemail

As if you didn’t already know, this is not a good time to be in the cinema business. They might have reopened, but post-lockdown they are sparsely attended. If punters aren’t put off by the thought of wearing a mask during a film, then they’re put off by the meagre Continue Reading

West of Dead review – a compelling shootout | Games

“Dead, again,” growls Ron Perlman, the voice of West of Dead’s skeletal gunslinger. “But it looks like dying ain’t gonna take yet.” In video games, death has been, more often than not, downgraded from a terminal affliction to a momentary setback. The delicious “do-over” – the chance to correct the Continue Reading

Researchers Exploited A Bug in Emotet to Stop the Spread of Malware – Tempemail

Emotet, a notorious email-based malware behind several botnet-driven spam campaigns and ransomware attacks, contained a flaw that allowed cybersecurity researchers to activate a kill-switch and prevent the malware from infecting systems for six months. “Most of the vulnerabilities and exploits that you read about are good news for attackers and Continue Reading

Man knocked out with single punch after racist midday rant on London tube | The Independent- Tempemail

Police are investigating after a man who was caught on camera hurling racist abuse at black passengers on the London Underground was then knocked out with a single punch. Videos posted to social media on Saturday show the man, who is white, shouting at a group of young black men Continue Reading

Google giving far-right users’ data to law enforcement, documents reveal | Technology

A little-known investigative unit inside search giant Google regularly forwarded detailed personal information on the company’s users to members of a counter-terrorist fusion center in California’s Bay Area, according to leaked documents reviewed by the Guardian. But checking the documents against Google’s platforms reveals that in some cases Google did Continue Reading

Fights, camera, action: the beginner’s guide to streaming video games | Games- Tempemail

Being a “gamer” used to mean actually playing video games, but now watching other people play is almost as important. Last year, more than 740m of us watched gaming streams on Twitch, YouTube and other platforms, with superstar streamers such as Ninja, Tfue and Pokimane attracting many millions of adoring Continue Reading

New Attack Lets Hackers Decrypt VoLTE Encryption to Spy on Phone Calls – Tempemail

A team of academic researchers—who previously made the headlines earlier this year for uncovering severe security issues in the 4G LTE and 5G networks—today presented a new attack called ‘ReVoLTE,’ that could let remote attackers break the encryption used by VoLTE voice calls and spy on targeted phone calls. The attack Continue Reading

How AppTrana Managed Cloud WAF Tackles Evolving Attacking Techniques – Tempemail

Web applications suffer continuously evolving attacks, where a web application firewall (WAF) is the first line of defense and a necessary part of organizations’ cybersecurity strategies. WAFs are getting more sophisticated all the time, but as its core protection starts with efficient pattern matching, typically using Regular Expressions, and classifying Continue Reading

Google’s open letter to Australians about news code contains ‘misinformation’, ACCC says | Technology

Google has started targeting Australians with pop-up ads that link to an open letter that contains “misinformation”, according to the consumer watchdog, as the tech company campaigns against a proposed code that would force it to share advertising money with media companies. The international tech giant is waging a campaign Continue Reading

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar review: the solar-powered super watch | Technology

Garmin’s latest go-anywhere, do-anything Fenix 6 Pro Solar multi-sport watch recharges from the sun, marking an important step towards the smartwatch you never need to charge. The £739.99 Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar is one of the US firm’s top-of-the-line devices, capable of lasting weeks on a charge and tracking Continue Reading