Hacker Spotlight: Interview with todayisnew- Tempemail

Eric Head, otherwise known as @todayisnew on Tempemail, considers himself an AppHero. He defends your data by finding critical vulnerabilities before criminals can exploit them, hacking for good on platforms like Tempemail. He’s ranked number 1 on the all-time Tempemail leaderboard with a reputation of 71,078 as a result of Continue Reading

Asio steps out of the shadows and on to Twitter to show ‘sense of humour’ | Australian intelligence agencies- Tempemail

The first words ever heard on Australian TV were delivered on 16 September, 1956, in the peculiarly English twang of the time: “Good evening, and welcome to television.” The first telephone call, according to its (admittedly disputed) inventor Alexander Graham Bell were “Mr Watson, come here. I want to see Continue Reading

Face masks give facial recognition software an identity crisis | Facial recognition

It is an increasingly common modern annoyance: arriving at the front of the queue to pay in a shop, pulling out a smartphone for a hygienic contact-free payment, and staring down at an error message because your phone fails to recognise your masked face. As more and more nations mandate Continue Reading

ECA Suspends Plans to Privatise Ethio Telecom – Tempemail

Sourced from allAfrica. In May, the Ethiopian Telecommunication Authority (ECA) issued a statement announcing that the country would now be open to selling a 40% stake in the state-owned company, Ethio Telecom. In response to this announcement, Safaricom and, its parent company, Vodacom both expressed their interest. However, it looks Continue Reading

Take it from me, Microsoft Flight Simulator captures the joy of real flying | Oliver Holmes | Games

There’s a half-kept secret among pilots of small planes that is guaranteed to scare the hell out of people. It comes from the assumption that pilots are constantly relying on fancy equipment to track where they are at all times. The truth is, they don’t. So how do we get Continue Reading

Peaky Blinders: Mastermind review – clunky and not so clever | Games

Peaky Blinders, the TV series, has some truly iconic moments. Ada casually strolling in the path of a tense standoff at the end of the first season. Alfie Solomons’ speech about the difference between bread and rum. That bit where Tommy and Arthur hold down two levers so Finn can Continue Reading

From Zelda to Grand Theft Auto: 10 of the best game worlds to get lost in | Games

After revolutionising 3D games once with 1998’s Ocarina of Time, Nintendo rewrote the rulebook again here, sculpting a colossal world of staggering complexity. It gives you the basic tools you need and then simply sets you loose, leaving you to paraglide from soaring peaks, cook a steak dinner, make a Continue Reading