Fault in NHS Covid app meant thousands at risk did not quarantine | World news

A code error in the NHS Covid-19 app meant users had to be next to a highly infectious patient for five times as long as the NHS had decided was risky before being instructed to self-isolate, the Guardian has learned. New national restrictions are due to come into effect in Continue Reading

Ghostrunner review – a ninja-lover’s dream | Games

When one cyberpunk game from a Polish developer is delayed, another surfaces. Ghostrunner, from developer One More Level, puts you in the jika-tabi boots of a sword-wielding cyber-ninja as you dash, slide, slash and wall-run your way to realising your 90s ninja fantasies. It’s a game all about speed and Continue Reading

Manipulated video of Biden mixing up states was shared 1.1m times before being removed | US news

Sign up for the Guardian’s First Thing newsletter. A doctored video purporting to show Joe Biden addressing a rally and forgetting which state he was in was viewed more than 1.1m times on social media before it was removed from Twitter. “Hello Minnesota,” the Democratic candidate says as he bounds Continue Reading

Is this the future of dating? The awkward, boring and frightening courtship of the chatbots | Technology

Name: Kuki and Blenderbot. Age: Hard to say exactly, mid-20s or thereabouts. Appearance: She – Kuki – has a blue bob and wears shiny green trousers. He – Blenderbot – is pretty pumped and wears a baseball cap emblazoned with the words “Make Facebook Great Again”. Was Facebook ever great? Continue Reading

Former employee sues China Southern, alleging discrimination One airline flight attendant discrimination Contract- Tempemail

A former flight attendant is suing China Southern Airlines for suspending him after his sexual orientation was made public without his consent last year, in a rare legal maneuver that pits him against the country’s largest airline A video showing the man kissing another man was leaked on Chinese social Continue Reading

How to Protect Yourself From Pwned and Password Reuse Attacks – Tempemail

Many businesses are currently looking at how to bolster security across their organization as the pandemic and remote work situation continues to progress towards the end of the year. As organizations continue to implement security measures to protect business-critical data, there is an extremely important area of security that often Continue Reading

Huawei Introduces Petal Search to South Africa – Tempemail

Huawei has announced the launch of its search engine app, Petal Search, in South Africa. The service is now officially available in 170 countries across the globe, supporting more than 50 languages. This addition to the Huawei Mobile Services ecosystem allows users to  instantly find the information they need. In Continue Reading

New NAT/Firewall Bypass Attack Lets Hackers Access Any TCP/UDP Service – Tempemail

A new research has demonstrated a technique that allows an attacker to bypass firewall protection and remotely access any TCP/UDP service on a victim machine. Called NAT Slipstreaming, the method involves sending the target a link to a malicious site (or a legitimate site loaded with malicious ads) that, when Continue Reading