Facebook oversight board says it ‘won’t shy away’ from tackling Trump-style disinformation | Facebook

The independent body set up by Facebook to review decisions to remove content will eventually need to tackle the issue of how to address politicians such as Donald Trump posting disinformation online, the board’s sole Australian member has said. The oversight board is a body set up by Facebook to Continue Reading

Keeping primates as pets to be banned after social media-driven trend leaves monkeys ‘living in misery’- Tempemail

Keeping primates as pets is set to be banned in England to prevent thousands of animals “suffering and living in misery” in people’s homes. It follows a surge in numbers of monkeys needing to be rescued, as social media has driven a rising trend for buying the animals that experts Continue Reading

If the UK really wants to be a sovereign nation, it should stand up to big tech | E-commerce

On Tuesday, in a rare break with recent practice, a branch of the UK government did something clever. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) outlined plans for an innovative way of regulating powerful tech firms in a way that overcomes the procedural treacle-wading implicit in competition law that had been Continue Reading

Shoppers mock Gucci for selling £470 ‘upside-down’ sunglasses- Tempemail

Gucci has been mocked on social media for selling a pair of “upside-down” sunglasses for £470. The luxury Italian retailer describes the item on its website as “an unconventional take on the ’50s and ’60s inspired cat eye frames.” “These sunglasses are presented with an inverted design that created an Continue Reading

Call of the Sea review: escape (room) to a tropical paradise | Puzzle games

This first-person puzzle adventure is set on a mysterious Polynesian island in 1934. You play as Norah, a woman afflicted by a strange disease that causes black blotches on her hands who believes a cure lies among the island’s secrets. You arrive in search of Norah’s husband, Harry, who came Continue Reading

Tech gift guide: ideas for last-minute Christmas presents | Money

What to buy the tech enthusiast in your life? Here are some ideas – from smart speakers and games consoles to smartwatches and headphones. With Christmas rapidly approaching, time is running out to buy the big-ticket items, so we have also included some instant-delivery gifts for last-minute purchases. Smart speakers Continue Reading