Texas and other states sue Google for abusing ‘monopolistic power’ | Google

Google is facing a new multi-state lawsuit, led by Texas, that accuses the company of abusing its “monopolistic power”, the latest in a slew of major legal efforts to rein in big tech. In a video announcing the suit on Wednesday, the Texas attorney generalcharged Google with engaging in anticompetitive Continue Reading

Facebook’s attempt to vilify Apple tastes like sour grapes | Facebook- Tempemail

Never afraid of a challenge, Facebook appears to have embarked on a campaign to convince the world to hate Apple, love targeted advertising, and believe the social network when it says it is doing it all out of a desire to defend small businesses. On Wednesday, the company launched a Continue Reading

New Evidence Suggests SolarWinds’ Codebase Was Hacked to Inject Backdoor – Tempemail

The investigation into how the attackers managed to compromise SolarWinds’ internal network and poison the company’s software updates is still underway, but we may be one step close to understanding what appears to be a very meticulously planned and highly-sophisticated supply chain attack. A new report published by ReversingLabs today Continue Reading

Broadway star Laura Benanti celebrates high school seniors AP New York coronavirus pandemic Laura Benanti People- Tempemail

So Benanti asked crestfallen young people across the country to record themselves performing their songs, post them on social media and tag her. Stages might be silent, but she wanted to hear them. The response stunned her — 15,000 submissions. “I really thought the initial sort of call to action Continue Reading

New 5G Network Flaws Let Attackers Track Users’ Locations and Steal Data – Tempemail

As 5G networks are being gradually rolled out in major cities across the world, an analysis of its network architecture has revealed a number of potential weaknesses that could be exploited to carry out a slew of cyber assaults, including denial-of-service (DoS) attacks to deprive subscribers of Internet access and Continue Reading

Ransomware Attackers Using SystemBC Malware With Tor Proxy – Tempemail

Cybercriminals are increasingly outsourcing the task of deploying ransomware to affiliates using commodity malware and attack tools, according to new research. In a new analysis published by Sophos today and shared with The Hacker News, recent deployments of Ryuk and Egregor ransomware have involved the use of SystemBC backdoor to Continue Reading

What is Geocoding? — How to Find Coordinates of An Address – Tempemail

How can your app hook into a geocoding service that offers forward and reverse geocoding and an auto-completion facility? Geocoding turns a location name or address into geocoordinates. The service gets used by thousands of applications like Uber and Grubhub to track and plot their map data. Yet, it can Continue Reading

School girls lined up on knees in ‘patriarchal’ skirt length check- Tempemail

A school in Melbourne, Australia, has issued an apology after making a group of girls aged 12-13 kneel to check the length of their skirts. The school’s website states that skirts should sit on the knee. Girls in Year 7 were asked to line up and get on their knees Continue Reading