Tony Hawk shares funny encounter at Covid testing site: ‘Are you related to Tony Hawk?’- Tempemail

Tony Hawk has shared another encounter with a person who almost recognised him – but ultimately failed to identify him as the skateboarding legend he is. The athlete frequently recounts stories of that kind on social media. On Friday, he shared the most recent occurrence, which he says happened at Continue Reading

One Good Thing: Special Olympian spreads message of love Athlete love Special Olympics Social Media message- Tempemail

Gary Schottle arrived in time to see the other kids in line hitting and jumping on his young son Nicknamed “Tank,” Derek towered over the pestering kids, yet lacked the confidence to stick up for himself and was too kindhearted to intentionally hurt anyone. Head down, he took the blows Continue Reading

NuovoPay for Handset Leasing in the Telecom Industry – Tempemail

Sourced from Getty Images. Mobile phones are no longer a luxury, even in the geographies that were once underserved in terms of technology. The proliferation of mobile phones across diverse avenues has led to a transformation that was inconceivable, a few years ago. Mobile phones- the new normal for Africa Continue Reading

Mondia Launches New Entertainment Platform in Nigeria – Tempemail

Mondia has announced the launch of Monsooq in Nigeria. This follows on the heels of the time-based entertainment platform’s initial launch in South Africa. Monsooq is a first-of-its-kind model which utilises time as the currency. Users pay only for the time they spend consuming content and are not required to Continue Reading

ACT police criticised for tweet comparing a jail cell to a boutique hotel room | Australian police and policing- Tempemail

ACT Policing has been criticised by the territory’s own minister for justice health for a tweet that compared a jail cell to a boutique hotel room. The police apologised on Thursday “to anyone who was offended”, but the Greens MLA Emma Davidson was among many who registered their disapproval on Continue Reading