‘I can’t comprehend it’: woman who miscarried on Australian roadside says public backlash is hurtful | Australia news- Tempemail

The public’s response this week to Nicole Clark’s harrowing story may be the most shocking part. On New Year’s Day, Clark, 31, had a miscarriage in a gully on the side of the road in Berri, in rural South Australia, after a combination of bad luck, incomplete advice from some Continue Reading

New Attack Could Let Hackers Clone Your Google Titan 2FA Security Keys – Tempemail

Hardware security keys—such as those from Google and Yubico—are considered the most secure means to protect accounts from phishing and takeover attacks. But a new research published on Thursday demonstrates how an adversary in possession of such a two-factor authentication (2FA) device can clone it by exploiting an electromagnetic side-channel Continue Reading

Facebook Bans US President Trump ‘Indefinitely’ – Tempemail

Image sourced from Al Jazeera Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerburg has revealed that US President Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts will be banned “indefinitely”. In a post, Zuckerburg says “we are extending the block we have placed on his Facebook and Instagram accounts indefinitely and for at least Continue Reading

Serena Williams’ husband condemns Ion Tiriac as ‘sexist clown’ for swipe over her age and weight | Serena Williams- Tempemail

Serena Williams’ husband and fans have denounced billionaire Ion Tiriac’s “racist and sexist” suggestion that the superstar have the “decency” to step down from the sport due to her age and weight. Tiriac, an 81-year-old former Olympic tennis player and director of the Madrid Open, made the widely-condemned comments during Continue Reading

Samsung Introduces World’s First QLED Chromebook – Tempemail

Samsung has officially unveiled its new Galaxy Chromebook 2 – marking the first-ever QLED display on a Chromebook. “Many kids grew up using Chromebooks in school, and as they enter the workforce and their needs evolve, they’re looking for premium, powerful hardware that can elevate that intuitive Google experience,” says Continue Reading

North Korean hackers targeting South Korea with RokRat Trojan – Tempemail

A North Korean hacking group has been found deploying the RokRat Trojan in a new spear-phishing campaign targeting the South Korean government. Attributing the attack to APT37 (aka Starcruft, Ricochet Chollima, or Reaper), Malwarebytes said it identified a malicious document last December that, when opened, executes a macro in memory Continue Reading