How Biden and Harris’ families are using social media to offer insight into the country’s new leaders- Tempemail

Over the last four years, the president has largely used his social media accounts to spread hate and misinformation, and incite violence. But, with the Biden-Harris administration about to commence, a new era of social media use – and with it, potentially unprecedented access into the White House and to Continue Reading

Facebook claims it does not conduct business in Australia in Cambridge Analytica appeal | Facebook

Facebook is claiming it does not conduct business in Australia and does not collect and hold data in the country in its effort to avoid liability over the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Last year, the privacy commissioner took Facebook to court over an alleged mass privacy breach involving the use of Continue Reading

GitHub apologizes for firing employee who warned of Capitol attack Nazi link | Technology

GitHub, a technology firm owned by Microsoft, apologized on Sunday for what its COO, Erica Brescia, called “significant errors in judgment” following outrage that it had fired an employee, who is Jewish, for warning that “Nazis” were among the pro-Donald Trump mob who attacked the US Capitol on 6 January. Continue Reading

Pentalog’s Secret to Hiring Top Tech Talent? Coding is Just the Start.- Tempemail

For companies looking to hire top coding talent, we offer a hard-won secret: great engineering talent, by itself, is not enough to ensure success. Most software projects these days require contributions from an ever-widening circle of specialists, from specific coding languages to DevOps, from UX/UI design to security, and so Continue Reading

‘Others will continue to fan the flames of extremism’: Political scientists reveal how Trump has forever changed American politics- Tempemail

As Donald Trump starts his post-presidency life surrounded by sunshine and sycophants at Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, the spotlight will shift to Joe Biden as he begins the unenviable task of unifying a fractured nation, countering a deadly virus, and attempting to repair a gutted federal government.   And although Continue Reading

Researchers Discover Raindrop — 4th Malware Linked to the SolarWinds Attack – Tempemail

Cybersecurity researchers have unearthed a fourth new malware strain—designed to spread the malware onto other computers in victims’ networks—which was deployed as part of the SolarWinds supply chain attack disclosed late last year. Dubbed “Raindrop” by Broadcom-owned Symantec, the malware joins the likes of other malicious implants such as Sunspot, Continue Reading

A Set of Severe Flaws Affect Popular DNSMasq DNS Forwarder – Tempemail

Cybersecurity researchers have uncovered multiple vulnerabilities in Dnsmasq, a popular open-source software used for caching Domain Name System (DNS) responses, thereby potentially allowing an adversary to mount DNS cache poisoning attacks and remotely execute malicious code. The flaws, collectively called “DNSpooq” by Israeli research firm JSOF, echoes previously disclosed weaknesses Continue Reading

FreakOut! Ongoing Botnet Attack Exploiting Recent Linux Vulnerabilities – Tempemail

An ongoing malware campaign has been found exploiting recently disclosed vulnerabilities in Linux devices to co-opt the systems into an IRC botnet for launching distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and mining Monero cryptocurrency. The attacks involve a new malware variant called “FreakOut” that leverages newly patched flaws in TerraMaster, Laminas Project Continue Reading