Dixie D’Amelio faces backlash over ‘privileged’ comments about attending college- Tempemail

Dixie D’Amelio is facing backlash from fans for being “privileged” after revealing her reasons for staying close to home and deciding not to attend college. The TikTok star, 19, discussed her choice to skip college during a YouTube video with Vogue, which saw D’Amelio followed by the magazine for a Continue Reading

Who uses social media for financial advice? Lots of people, actually | Money- Tempemail

This week GameStop, an American video game retailer, became the most traded security in the world thanks to Reddit users. Specifically, thanks to the now more than 5 million users who make up r/WallStreetBets. The Redditors are currently in a head-to-head war with hedge funds over who has the right Continue Reading

Apple and Facebook at odds over privacy move that will hit online ads | Apple

Apple’s chief executive, Tim Cook, has launched his strongest attack on Facebook yet, as the two companies face off over Apple’s plans for new privacy features that would severely limit online advertising. Speaking to the Computers, Privacy and Data Protection conference on “Data Privacy Day”, Cook defended Apple’s decision to Continue Reading

WallStreetBets’ founder on GameStop: ‘I didn’t think it would go this far’ | GameStop

Jaime Rogozinski always knew WallStreetBets, the Reddit forum he founded, was part of something big – but even he wasn’t prepared for quite how big. This week WallStreetBets was at the center of a full-scale war between Wall Street and an army of small investors over GameStop, an ailing video Continue Reading

Hacker Spotlight: Interview with pnig0s- Tempemail

Chinese hacker Terry Zhang, also known as @pnig0s,  has over eight years of experience in the security industry, including leading technical teams at large companies in China, such as Alibaba Group. On the Tempemail platform, he’s reported multiple critical issues to some of our largest clients. In his first live hacking Continue Reading

Facebook is banning leftwing users like me – and it’s going largely unnoticed | Akin Olla | Opinion

In response to the fascist riot at the US Capitol, Facebook engaged in a flurry of dangerous and misguided corporate authoritarianism. I, along with a number of other leftwing organizers, was deemed a threat to the inauguration of Joe Biden and placed on a restricted list that limited my ability Continue Reading

Google uncovers new iOS security feature Apple quietly added after zero-day attacks – Tempemail

Google Project Zero on Thursday disclosed details of a new security mechanism that Apple quietly added to iOS 14 as a countermeasure to prevent attacks that were recently found to leverage zero-days in its messaging app. Dubbed “BlastDoor,” the improved sandbox system for iMessage data was disclosed by Samuel Groß, Continue Reading

Sugar-coated propaganda? Middle East taps into power of influencers | Middle East and North Africa- Tempemail

“I’m not political at all, and I make it a point not to be,” says Farida Salem. She chats by phone as she runs errands in Cairo on her way to football practice, where she is celebrated as one of Egypt’s most capable young female athletes. Salem is also one Continue Reading

What is the Haller App and How is it Assisting Farmers in Africa – Tempemail

Across Africa, unsustainable farming practices combined with climate change have exhausted the soil — leaving much of the ground unfarmable. In addition to the growing lack of arable land, agricultural knowledge and education have proven to be in short supply. With this in mind, the Haller Foundation — a UK Continue Reading

New CISOs Survey Reveals How Small Cybersecurity Teams Can Confront 2021 – Tempemail

The pressure on small to medium-sized enterprises to protect their organizations against cyberthreats is astronomical. These businesses face the same threats as the largest enterprises, experience the same (relative) damages and consequences when breaches occur as the largest enterprises but are forced to protect their organizations with a fraction of Continue Reading