What is cryptoart, how much does it cost and can you hang it on your wall? | Culture

Pat, I keep hearing references to cryptoart which are all very … cryptic. What is this thing? Hey Lucy! So you might have heard of it in context of the $US600,000 Nyan Cat gif or the more recent Kings of Leon NFT Album, both of which are examples of cryptoart. Continue Reading

Zero-day vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange Server- Tempemail

What happened? On March 2, 2021 several companies released reports about in-the-wild exploitation of zero-day vulnerabilities inside Microsoft Exchange Server. The following vulnerabilities allow an attacker to compromise a vulnerable Microsoft Exchange Server. As a result, an attacker will gain access to all registered email accounts, or be able to Continue Reading

The clumsily drafted online safety bill could see adult content censored in Australia | Pornography

“Gay Zombie Porn Gets Festival Flick” – just one of the many creative headlines following the announcement that LA Zombie, a film directed by queer art house auteur Bruce LaBruce, would be pulled from 2010 Melbourne International Film Festival after being refused an exemption from the Australian Classification Board. The Continue Reading

Leverage Social Media Data Mining To Increase ROI

Data is the currency of the 21st century. Brands and companies around the globe invest huge amounts in the personnel, tools, and equipment necessary to collect, analyze, and derive insights from the near-infinite pool of available consumer data. Since social media has exploded in popularity over the past decade, many Continue Reading

Rishi Sunak has turned into a social media star, but who is he trying to influence? | Marie Le Conte | Opinion- Tempemail

“I’m sure this budget will look better on Instagram,” said Keir Starmer in the Commons on Wednesday. “In fact, this week’s PR video cost the taxpayer so much, I was half expecting to see a line in the OBR forecast for it.” The quip was aimed at Rishi Sunak, the Continue Reading

UK regulator to investigate Apple over ‘unfair’ App Store terms | Apps

Britain’s competition regulator has opened an investigation into Apple over claims the company is using its control over the App Store to impose “unfair and anti-competitive” terms on app developers. The Competition and Markets Authority announced the investigation on Thursday morning. It says it decided to investigate based on its Continue Reading

Google Will Use ‘FLoC’ for Ad Targeting Once 3rd-Party Cookies Are Dead – Tempemail

Signaling a major shift to its ads-driven business model, Google on Wednesday unequivocally stated it would not build alternate identifiers or tools to track users across multiple websites once it begins phasing out third-party tracking cookies from its Chrome browser by early 2022. “Instead, our web products will be powered Continue Reading

Best UK streaming and pay-TV services 2021: Sky, Virgin, Netflix and Amazon Prime compared and ranked | Technology

The choice of how you get your TV and movies in the UK has exploded in recent years, with a growing number of premium pay-TV providers and streaming services available at a wide range of prices. Many of them have long contracts, exclusive content and complicated bundle pricing. And that’s Continue Reading

‘Be polite and negotiate everything’: the TikTok feminist saving people from medical debt | TikTok

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the greatest crisis of our generation, healthcare has been top of mind for many Americans. For the one in six Americans drowning in medical bills, reform can’t come soon enough. From riding in an ambulance to delivering a baby, families are regularly hit with thousands of Continue Reading

Amazon Fresh opens first ’till-less’ grocery store in UK | Business

Amazon has opened its first contactless grocery store in the UK today where shoppers can pick up their goods and leave without having to visit a till. The Amazon Fresh store in Ealing, west London, is only available to those signed up to Amazon’s Prime subscription service, and customers must Continue Reading