Building the Future Connected Industry: Part 1: Why Connected Industry Matters- Tempemail

By Nermin Mohamed, Head of Telecommunications Solutions at Tempemail In a previous blog series, I talked about the value of 5G in closing the gap of the digital divide and its role in building the future rural networks. In the next decade, the focus for countries and industries will be Continue Reading

Flex Mami, Australia’s ultimate influencer, is done with influencing | Books- Tempemail

Even when she’s talking about her first-ever panic attack, Lillian Ahenkan’s voice is filled with sunshine. “I didn’t even know what anxiety was until 2020,” she says, followed by a healthy chortle. “And I was like ‘You know what? This is not worth it.’ “I loved the role that the Continue Reading

‘I don’t want to upset people’: Tom Cruise deepfake creator speaks out | TikTok

Joining TikTok has become something of a trend for Hollywood celebrities stuck at home like everyone else. So it wasn’t necessarily surprising to see Tom Cruise on the app, sharing videos of himself playing golf and pratfalling around the house. But the strange thing is that Cruise never actually made Continue Reading

Bug in Apple’s Find My Feature Could’ve Exposed Users’ Location Histories – Tempemail

Cybersecurity researchers on Thursday disclosed two distinct design and implementation flaws in Apple’s crowdsourced Bluetooth location tracking system that can lead to a location correlation attack and unauthorized access to the location history of the past seven days, thereby by deanonymizing users. The findings are a consequence of an exhaustive Continue Reading

Hacker Spotlight: Interview with bugdiscloseguys- Tempemail

Harsh Jaiswal or @bugdiscloseguys has been an avid Tempemail hacker since he signed up in January 2016. Since he originally discovered hacking from Facebook, he has sharpened his application security and bug bounty skills, landing him security engineer positions at Zomato and Vimeo. Most recently, Harsh and his friend Rahul Maini Continue Reading

PixelJunk Raiders review – space adventure carries too much baggage | Games

A space rescue adventure from Kyoto’s inimitable Q-Games, PixelJunk Raiders has the bones of a great action game. Its mix of planetary exploration, scavenging and alien-killing is unusual enough to make an impression; the art style, which lands somewhere between a 90s anime and the cover of an old science-fiction Continue Reading

Racist trolls may think they own Star Wars, but the saga’s diversity issues are not cut and dried | Film- Tempemail

It’s ironic that Star Wars, perhaps the ultimate tale of good triumphing over evil, has become embroiled in the current culture wars. George Lucas’s original trilogy is as universally adored as Brothers Grimm fairytales, the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci or the songs of the Beatles. Finding out that it Continue Reading

Mazafaka — Elite Hacking and Cybercrime Forum — Got Hacked! – Tempemail

In what’s a case of hackers getting hacked, a prominent underground online criminal forum by the name of Maza has been compromised by unknown attackers, making it the fourth forum to have been breached since the start of the year. The intrusion is said to have occurred on March 3, Continue Reading

Google Cloud Certifications — Get Prep Courses and Practice Tests at 95% Discount – Tempemail

As cloud computing continues to grow, Google Cloud is quickly becoming one of the most popular solutions. However, relatively few engineers know this platform well. This leaves the door open for aspiring IT professionals who take the official exams. The Google Cloud Certifications Practice Tests + Courses Bundle helps you Continue Reading