Iranian Hackers Using Remote Utilities Software to Spy On Its Targets – Tempemail

Hackers with suspected ties to Iran are actively targeting academia, government agencies, and tourism entities in the Middle East and neighboring regions as part of an espionage campaign aimed at data theft. Dubbed “Earth Vetala” by Trend Micro, the latest finding expands on previous research published by Anomali last month, Continue Reading

From posh blankets to aural apps: the firms cashing in on the demand for sleep aids | Sleep

There are breathing robots versed in “thousands of years of Buddhist breathing techniques” that claim to soothe you to sleep. Then there are weighted blankets that press around 10% of your body weight down as you snooze. And there are apps, such as supermodel Natalia Vodianova’s Loóna, designed to create Continue Reading

Malware Can Exploit New Flaw in Intel CPUs to Launch Side-Channel Attacks – Tempemail

A new research has yielded yet another means to pilfer sensitive data by exploiting what’s the first “on-chip, cross-core” side-channel in Intel Coffee Lake and Skylake processors. Published by a group of academics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the findings are expected to be presented at the USENIX Continue Reading

Apple and Google face new antitrust battle over Arizona app store bill | Apple

A controversial Arizona bill that addresses the fees technology companies like Apple and Google charge app developers is raising new antitrust challenges for embattled US tech giants. The bill – which passed the Arizona state house last week and now will move to the state’s senate – would require Apple Continue Reading

Microsoft Exchange Cyber Attack — What Do We Know So Far? – Tempemail

Microsoft on Friday warned of active attacks exploiting unpatched Exchange Servers carried out by multiple threat actors, as the hacking campaign is believed to have infected tens of thousands of businesses, government entities in the U.S., Asia, and Europe. The company said “it continues to see increased use of these Continue Reading

No more phoney press releases. Women deserve more than a capitalist takeover of International Women’s Day- Tempemail

W hat does celebrating female empowerment mean in 2021? Here’s what my inbox says. It means buying a pillow with Frida Kahlo’s face on it for £45. It means feeling inspired by a bouquet of flowers containing one red rose as a reference to gender inequality. It means eating a Continue Reading

Shining through: Dutch artist paints farming in a new light to boost crops | Environment

By day, the field of leeks looks like any other. But, as the sun sets, blue and red light, mixed with invisible ultraviolet (UV) radiation, transforms the scene into a multicoloured landscape. This LED light show is not just for effect. For a couple of hours every evening the lights Continue Reading