ProxyLogon PoC Exploit Released; Likely to Fuel More Disruptive Cyber Attacks – Tempemail

The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on Wednesday issued a joint advisory warning of active exploitation of vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange on-premises products by nation-state actors and cybercriminals. “CISA and FBI assess that adversaries could exploit these vulnerabilities to compromise networks, Continue Reading

How can men support women against misogyny and violence?- Tempemail

The disappearance of Sarah Everard has prompted thousands of conversations on social media about the fears women have when they go out alone at night or after dark. Since Everard’s disappearance, local police have reportedly warned women not to go out alone at night in the area, which has resulted Continue Reading

Fixing the Weakest Link — The Passwords — in Cybersecurity Today – Tempemail

Password security has long been an issue for businesses and their cybersecurity standards. Account passwords are often the weakest link in the overall security posture for many organizations. Many companies have used Microsoft’s default password policies for decades. While these can be customized, businesses often accept the default values for Continue Reading

Facebook sets out plan for ‘effortless’ virtual reality socialising | Facebook

Facebook has unveiled the first of a wave of virtual reality innovations that its chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, hopes will allow for effective “teleportation” by the end of the decade. One experimental project aims to track hand movements using nervous signals read by a wristwatch, with the hope of one Continue Reading

Police raids across Europe after encrypted phone network shut down | Encryption

Police in Belgium and the Netherlands have arrested at least 80 people and carried out hundreds of raids after shutting down an encrypted phone network used by organised crime groups. Belgian, Dutch and French police said they had hacked into the Sky ECC network, allowing them to look “over the Continue Reading

An Impossible Project review – warm and fuzzy nostalgia in retro doc | Film

Here is a documentary about the resurgent interest in retro culture that comes across like a warm fuzzy blanket of nostalgia for pre-Covid days. The central figure is “Doc” Florian Kaps, who the film presents as Vienna’s answer to Steve Jobs, a social visionary untroubled by such details as earning Continue Reading

Caroline Flack’s mum says social media companies ‘fail to protect anybody’- Tempemail

Television and radio presenter Flack died by suicide in February 2020, at the age of 40.  “When I was young, if you were bullied at school you could get away from it,” said the star’s mother. “You can’t get away from it now because it follows you home, it follows Continue Reading

14-hour days and no bathroom breaks: Amazon’s overworked delivery drivers | Amazon

Sign up for the Guardian Today US newsletter James Meyers worked as a driver for several Amazon delivery service providers in Austin, Texas, for about one year until he quit in October 2020 citing the immense workloads and poor working conditions. Fourteen-hour shifts were common because delivery service providers wouldn’t Continue Reading

‘I learned about storytelling from Final Fantasy’: novelist Raven Leilani on Luster and video games | Games

There is an extraordinary and telling moment in Raven Leilani’s acclaimed novel Luster, about a young black woman who has an affair with a middle-aged white man and ends up living with his family. The woman, Edie, is heading back to her lover’s house with his adopted black daughter, Akila, Continue Reading