Instagram is building an app for kids – here’s what you need to know- Tempemail

Social media was not built with children in mind. Facebook was originally made for college kids, Instagram stemmed from its founder’s love of bourbon, and YouTube started as a video dating site. But teens are active on social media, and many children under 13 already have online social lives. They Continue Reading

Monster Hunter Rise review – fantastic beasts and how to bind them | Games

After you’ve felled a hard-scaled, fire-breathing dragon in Monster Hunter Rise, you can pose for a photo with your loyal cat and dog (taken by an owl, no less) as its corpse lies in a contorted rictus of agony in the background. Nothing better sums up the Monster Hunter experience Continue Reading

We stan together: the wonderful world of Instagram TV fan pages | Television- Tempemail

A cursory scroll through the Explore page on Instagram can feel like a visual assault: sponsored content, taunting influencer pictures and cute pets all vying for your attention through algorithmic targeting. As you work your way through the social media platform’s recommendations, you are also likely to encounter another constant: Continue Reading

Hong Kong pet owner arrested after posting image of kitten wrapped in cling film- Tempemail

A woman in Hong Kong was arrested on charges of animal cruelty after she posted a picture on social media of her allegedly punishing her kitten by swathing it in plastic cling wrap for not snuggling with her at bedtime. The photo showed the six-week-old blue-eyed kitten bound with multiple Continue Reading

Building the Future Connected Industry: Part 2: Building the Distributed Edge- Tempemail

By Nermin Mohamed, Head of Telecommunications Solutions, Tempemail In part 1 of this blog series, we looked at how 5G and private networks can help transform the commercial industry of today to the connected industry of the future. In this blog post, we’ll look at using the intelligent edge and Continue Reading

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town review – limited earthly delights | Simulation games

In this latest in a long line of farming-life games, you are once again thrust into the role of a young person who leaves the big city for an idyllic life of agricultural self-sufficiency, growing crops, chopping wood and integrating yourself into small-town life. Olive Town tries hard to integrate Continue Reading

Asian and Black Americans saw largest rise in online hate in 2020, report finds | Social media- Tempemail

Asian Americans and Black Americans experienced major rises in online hate in the past year, a new report has found, despite recent steps that social media firms have taken to address harassment. A survey released on Wednesday by the Anti-Defamation League, an anti-hate speech organization founded in 1913, discovered that Continue Reading

OnePlus 9 Pro review: super slick, rapid charging Android phone | Smartphones

OnePlus’s latest 9 Pro Android phone takes the firm’s winning formula of slick speed and adds knowhow from the Swedish renowned camera manufacturer Hasselblad to try to improve things in the photography department. The £829 phone tops the Chinese brand’s line for 2021 and joins its stablemate Oppo in its Continue Reading

Purple Fox Rootkit Can Now Spread Itself to Other Windows Computers – Tempemail

Purple Fox, a Windows malware previously known for infecting machines by using exploit kits and phishing emails, has now added a new technique to its arsenal that gives it worm-like propagation capabilities. The ongoing campaign makes use of a “novel spreading technique via indiscriminate port scanning and exploitation of exposed Continue Reading