Twitter deletes Nigerian president’s ‘abusive’ Biafra tweet | Muhammadu Buhari- Tempemail

Twitter has deleted a tweet by Nigeria’s president Muhammadu Buhari in which he threatened to punish pro-Biafra groups blamed for escalating attacks on government and security authorities. The social media firm said Buhari’s tweet violated its “abusive behaviour” policy, leading to a 12-hour suspension of his account. The tweet promised Continue Reading

Internet baffled by metal face jewellery to ‘compliment your chin’- Tempemail

A piece of facial jewellery designed to “compliment your chin and lower lip” has people on social media confused and comparing it to a bulldog clip. The item, designed by German jewellery brand MYL Berlin, has two hooks with rounded ends that fit over the lower lip and a geometric Continue Reading

Microsoft Says: Russian SolarWinds Hackers Hit U.S. Government Agencies Again- Tempemail

Microsoft says the state-backed Russian hacker group Nobelium—the same actor behind the 2020 SolarWinds attacks—took control of the State Department’s United States Agency for International Development email system. This bold attack, expected to be ongoing, breached federal government supplier systems sending out official-looking emails to over 3,000 accounts across more Continue Reading

Cybercriminals Hold $115,000-Prize Contest to Find New Cryptocurrency Hacks – Tempemail

A top Russian-language underground forum has been running a “contest” for the past month, calling on its community to submit “unorthodox” ways to conduct cryptocurrency attacks. The forum’s administrator, in an announcement made on April 20, 2021, invited members to submit papers that assess the possibility of targeting cryptocurrency-related technology, Continue Reading

Researchers Uncover Hacking Operations Targeting Government Entities in South Korea – Tempemail

A North Korean threat actor active since 2012 has been behind a new espionage campaign targeting high-profile government officials associated with its southern counterpart to install an Android and Windows backdoor for collecting sensitive information. Cybersecurity firm Malwarebytes attributed the activity to a threat actor tracked as Kimsuky, with the Continue Reading

The Incident Response Plan – Preparing for a Rainy Day – Tempemail

The unfortunate truth is that while companies are investing more in cyber defenses and taking cybersecurity more seriously than ever, successful breaches and ransomware attacks are on the rise. While a successful breach is not inevitable, it is becoming more likely despite best efforts to prevent it from happening. Just Continue Reading

Everything we learned about Malala from her Vogue interview- Tempemail

Malala Yousafzai loves her mum’s cooking, laughs at her own jokes, spent too much time on social media during lockdown and is always leaving assignments to the last minute. She is also friends with Greta Thunberg, has earned high praise from Apple’s Tim Cook and Michelle Obama, and was star-struck by Brad Pitt. These are just some of the Continue Reading

Hackers‌ ‌Actively‌ ‌Exploiting‌ ‌0-Day‌ ‌in WordPress Plugin Installed on Over ‌17,000‌ ‌Sites – Tempemail

Fancy Product Designer, a WordPress plugin installed on over 17,000 sites, has been discovered to contain a critical file upload vulnerability that’s being actively exploited in the wild to upload malware onto sites that have the plugin installed. Wordfence’s threat intelligence team, which discovered the flaw, said it reported the Continue Reading

US Seizes Domains Used by SolarWinds Hackers in Cyber Espionage Attacks – Tempemail

Days after Microsoft, Secureworks, and Volexity shed light on a new spear-phishing activity unleashed by the Russian hackers who breached SolarWinds IT management software, the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) Tuesday said it intervened to take control of two command-and-control (C2) and malware distribution domains used in the campaign. The Continue Reading