Rose Callaghan: the 10 funniest things I have ever seen (on the internet) | Comedy- Tempemail

Hello, I’m comedian and internet aficionado Rose Callaghan. I have ADHD and am what many would consider “underemployed” so obviously spend most of my time on the internet arguing with people on Twitter and watching TikToks. I live and breathe the internet and unfortunately/sadly haven’t been able to stop posting Continue Reading

This is why Facebook and Twitter shouldn’t ban Trump- Tempemail

Do you have to be a full-on MAGA hat-wearing conspiracy theorist to find Donald Trump’s absence from social media a bit disturbing? For such an obviously important figure, and one who retains much influence in American politics, and thus global politics, it just doesn’t feel right that Facebook has confirmed Continue Reading

Crypto-Mining Attacks Targeting Kubernetes Clusters via Kubeflow Instances – Tempemail

Cybersecurity researchers on Tuesday disclosed a new large-scale campaign targeting Kubeflow deployments to run malicious cryptocurrency mining containers. The campaign involved deploying TensorFlow pods on Kubernetes clusters, with the pods running legitimate TensorFlow images from the official Docker Hub account. However, the container images were configured to execute rogue commands Continue Reading

EBook – Creating a Large Company Security Stack on a Lean Company Budget – Tempemail

The speed at which malicious actors have improved their attack tactics and continue to penetrate security systems has made going bigger the major trend in cybersecurity. Facing an evolving threat landscape, organizations have responded by building bigger security stacks, adding more tools and platforms, and making their defenses more complex—a Continue Reading

Update Your Windows Computers to Patch 6 New In-the-Wind Zero-Day Bugs – Tempemail

Microsoft on Tuesday released another round of security updates for Windows operating systems and other supported software, squashing 50 vulnerabilities, including 6 zero-days that are said to be under active attack. The flaws were identified and resolved in Microsoft Windows, .NET Core and Visual Studio, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based Continue Reading

Priti Patel condemns ‘trial by social media’ as police filmed by public- Tempemail

The home secretary is to condemn “trial by social media” following police incidents filmed by members of the public. Priti Patel will give a speech to the Police Federation, which represents rank-and-file officers, later on Wednesday. She will support the association’s call for the increased sharing of footage from police Continue Reading