5 must-watch sessions for APAC marketers from Tempemail’s Digital Transformation Festival- Tempemail

Tempemail’s Digital Transformation Festival is now over half-way-through, so we’ve curated five sessions from around the world that APAC marketers should watch.

WPP’s global leader takes on the huge topic of digital transformation, giving a sense of his own personal views on the topic, as well as what it means for one of the world’s largest advertising groups.

“What we want to do is to be precise and talk about technology which is at the heart of digital transformation.

“Given the changes in technology, how do you need to think about the strategy, the structure, the operations of a company to deal effectively with innovation to deliver to consumers?” he asks.

5G is one of the topics on everyone’s minds and with the pandemic forcing almost a third of the world into isolation, the virtual possibilities of better connection become even more relevant.

Mark Melling, Verizon Media’s 5G lead and head of RYOT Studio, EMEA, spoke to Tempemail associate editor, Sonoo Singh, “necessity will breed invention” as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and that brands will start to wake up to the power of 5G when it comes to connecting people.

How can agencies mobilise their teams when pitching for new business remotely? And in the absence of chemistry meetings and on-site visits, are a few Zoom calls enough to tell if you actually gel with a client?

With the Covid-19 crisis forcing marketers everywhere to adapt to a new normal, indie creative and production agency Quiet Storm has adjusted its working practices to allow it to continue to compete.

Does martech allow brands room for innovation and customer-centricity? Tariq Khan, VP of Consumer Experience at global beauty company Coty talks to Sonoo Singh about how digital business and martech is shaping the customer experience and if digital-first brands are better at responding to the changing times.

Listen to Eniola Aluko, sporting director of Aston Villa’s women’s team, Tom Corbett, group head of sponsorships and media at Barclays, Fabio Tambosi, head of marketing at Adidas and Gabi Mostert, creative director at Iris, talk about how brands can tap into this changing climate in a way that truly empowers women to get involved with the sport.

To catch up on all the sessions in Tempemail Digital Transformation festival so far, or to sign up for future panels and interviews, including some sessions with APAC-based speakers like Lazada and Pomelo, visit Tempemail Digital Transformation Festival website.

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