Incident Response Analyst Report of 2019- Tempemail

 Download full report (PDF) As an incident response service provider, Kaspersky delivers a global service that results in global visibility of adversaries’ cyber-incident tactics and techniques used in the wild. In this report, we share our teams’ conclusions and analysis based on incident responses and statistics from 2019. As well Continue Reading

Pompeo: US removing ‘untrusted’ Chinese apps to protect Covid vaccine work – video | US news- Tempemail

The US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, says the Trump administration wants the removal of ‘untrusted’ Chinese apps from service in the country. Calling popular social media platforms TikTok and WeChat dangerous, Pompeo also raised concerns around data theft of intellectual property, including potential Covid-19 vaccines, through cloud-based services. Speaking Continue Reading

Will Covid make countries drop cash and adopt digital currencies? | Kenneth Rogoff | Business

As the Covid-19 crisis accelerates the long-term shift away from cash (at least in tax-compliant, legal transactions), official discussions about digital currencies are heating up. Between the impending launch of Facebook’s Libra and China’s proposed central-bank digital currency, events now could reshape global finance for a generation. A recent report Continue Reading

Peter Dutton confirms Australia could spy on its own citizens under cybersecurity plan | Australian security and counter-terrorism

Peter Dutton has confirmed the government’s $1.6bn cyberstrategy will include capability for the Australian Signals Directorate to help law enforcement agencies identify and disrupt serious criminal activity – including in Australia. By rendering support to the Australian federal police and the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission, the cybersecurity and intelligence agency Continue Reading

‘I don’t care’: young TikTokers unfazed by US furor over data collection | Technology

Mauren Sparrow downloaded TikTok in March to pass the time during lockdown. Since then she’s posted tutorials on crafting and videos of her two cats, Calcifer and Jiji, some of which have accrued millions of views and likes. But with the Chinese-owned app now under fire over data privacy concerns, Continue Reading

Facebook removes Trump post for spreading false information on Covid | Facebook- Tempemail

Facebook has removed a post from Donald Trump’s page for spreading false information about the coronavirus, a first for the social company that has been harshly criticized for repeatedly allowing the president to break its content rules. The post included video of Trump falsely asserting that children were “almost immune Continue Reading

To understand how rich billionaires really are, use this calculator | Technology

We all know Jeff Bezos is very rich – but wouldn’t you love to know how long it would take him to, for example, earn your entire years’ salary, tackle your entire student debt or pay off your mortgage? A new website will you give you these exact numbers, as Continue Reading

Researcher Demonstrates 4 New Variants of HTTP Request Smuggling Attack – Tempemail

A new research has identified four new variants of HTTP request smuggling attacks that work against various commercial off-the-shelf web servers and HTTP proxy servers. Amit Klein, VP of Security Research at SafeBreach who presented the findings today at the Black Hat security conference, said that the attacks highlight how Continue Reading

Lizzy Hoo: the 10 funniest things I have ever seen (on the internet) | Culture- Tempemail

Trying to remember all of the funnies I’ve EVER watched on the internet was like recovering an old hard drive: some of the memories were restored but I’m pretty much left with whatever is on my desktop. The internet is a wild place and I’m glad I’ve lived with it Continue Reading