European court: Nintendo doesn’t have to offer refunds for digital pre-orders

In context: Nintendo has been on a hot streak in the legal arena lately. Just yesterday, the company managed to convince a federal court to overturn a previous ruling that would have forced it to pay out roughly $10 million as part of a prior patent dispute judgement. Now, a Continue Reading

Netflix confirms rumors of a Witcher anime written by series co-producer Beau DeMayo

My quick two cents: I happen to be a big fan of The Witcher games. I also enjoyed the first season of the live-action series and thought Netflix did a good job with it. Now that an anime has been confirmed, I’m beginning to get nervous that the franchise will Continue Reading

Microsoft’s Project xCloud preview is coming to Canada on January 29

In brief: Microsoft’s foray into the cloud gaming market, Project xCloud, is making steady progress. The platform, which will let users access a wide variety of Xbox and PC games from the comfort of their laptop, tablet, smartphone, or PC, is set to arrive sometime this year. In the meantime, Continue Reading

Misconfigured Microsoft database exposed 250 million customer service records

In brief: Security researchers with Comparitech recently discovered a collection of 250 million Microsoft Customer Service and Support (CSS) records sitting – unsecured – in a database accessible to anyone with a web browser. The records contain conversations, logs and information between Microsoft support agents and customers from around the Continue Reading

Google introduces three Digital Wellbeing apps to help curb your smartphone addiction

Why it matters: Google introduced Digital Wellbeing in 2018 to give users control over how much time they spend on their Android devices. Now, the company is doubling down on the initiative by releasing three experimental apps meant to subtly shame users if they spend too much time on their Continue Reading

Amazon Music surpasses 55 million users, “nearly all” of which are paying subscribers

The big picture: Apple and Spotify’s stranglehold on the streaming music market isn’t as tight as perceived as a third competitor is right on their heels. Amazon has been able to make meaningful headway in the crowded streaming space thanks in part to its pricing structure. Steve Boom, head of Continue Reading