How to use SMS and email to increase customer engagement

According to a 2020 report, 86% of consumers expect to be engaged by businesses via email and 52% expect engagement from text messaging. Consumers prefer these communication channels for their ease of use and their omnipresence in daily life. And for companies, combining emails and text messages creates a holistic Continue Reading

How to Use the Inverted Pyramid Method in Your Tempemail Design?

What do you need to know about the inverted pyramid email design? The phrase “Less is more” is perfectly true for email marketing, especially since most inboxes are crowded with promotional emails. Tempemail marketers face fierce competition for people’s attention all the time. The challenges start with the subject line, Continue Reading

The secrets to a perfect customer service email template

There are not many things more important than great customer service that is versatile enough to be delivered through multiple channels, such as customer service emails, customer service or courtesy calls, and so on. Good customer service can retain customers and increase their Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). This is because Continue Reading