Safari will now block third-party cookies by default, delete a site’s local storage after seven days

Why it matters: The digital footprints used by advertisers to track users around the web will now be blocked by default in Safari, following in the footsteps of Firefox, Tor Browser, and Brave. Google has yet to ship its own block on third-party cookies, presumably because it needs to figure Continue Reading

Square Enix just launched a Final Fantasy Tactics spinoff for Android and iOS

In context: Final Fantasy Tactics was release for the PlayStation 23 years ago. The beloved game went on to sell more than 2.4 million copies worldwide. Remakes of the title were ported to various platforms, including PSP, iOS, Android, and a reimagined version for Gameboy Advance. If you are like Continue Reading

Tim Cook: Apple will donate 10 million medical masks to US healthcare workers

What just happened? As the coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage the globe, it’s become an all-hands-on-deck situation for corporate entities. Even tech companies that have very little involvement with the medical field have been chipping in to help doctors, nurses, and hospitals as a whole get through this difficult time. Continue Reading

Below’s April 7 launch on PS4 to be accompanied by easier exploration mode

Bottom line: Many people are up for a challenge when playing a game, albeit within moderation. When your title becomes primarily know for being obnoxiously difficult, the fun factor can go right out the window. It’s a lesson that developer Capybara Games learned the hard way. When developer and publisher Continue Reading

Doom Eternal is selling like hotcakes, surpassing its predecessor

In brief: The coronavirus response has many people on lockdown, but digital sales are booming, at least for Bethesda’s Doom Eternal. The game surpassed the publisher’s expectations and is currently the top-selling game on Steam. That’s impressive and telling, especially considering the game accidentally shipped with a DRM-free executable that Continue Reading

iPhone production grinds to a halt in India due to mandatory lockdown order

The big picture: What sort of impact – if any – the shutdowns will have on iPhone manufacturing remains to be seen. According to Bloomberg, the Indian facilities are mostly responsible for churning out older iPhone models meaning the impact on newer models could be minimal. Two of Apple’s key Continue Reading

Enterprise SSD flaw bricks drives and renders data unrecoverable after 40,000 hours

PSA: If you run any Hewlett Packard Enterprise servers or storage solutions, you’d be wise to update its firmware before October. Some SAS SSDs in these products will “catastrophically” fail after 40,000 hours of uptime. If you use enterprise SSDs from other OEMs, you might want to be sure your Continue Reading

Second Life creator jettisons social VR platform Sansar

In a nutshell: Second Life developer Linden Lab has thrown in the towel on Sansar, the spiritual successor to Second Life. The social platform isn’t disappearing, however, as San Francisco-based technology company Wookey Project Corp. has taken ownership of the asset effective immediately. Financial terms of the sale were not Continue Reading

MSI launches three new IPS gaming monitors that don’t break the bank

Forward-looking: Historically the case was that monitors that looked good weren’t the best for gaming. The technologies required to make high resolution, low input lag monitors used to result in poor color and image quality, but that’s no longer the case. MSI is launching 3 new gaming monitors that sport Continue Reading

Microsoft boss says Xbox Series X delay unlikely as coronavirus situation improves in China

Why it matters: With the coronavirus disruption delaying hardware and software releases, some analysts had speculated that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X wouldn’t make their “holiday 2020” launch dates. But Microsoft’s CEO says fans of its machines shouldn’t worry. From Switch shipments to new browser versions to Windows Continue Reading