Portand, Oregon, police make arrests at downtown rally Portland Police Police Police Police- Tempemail

Portland police Saturday night arrested anti-police brutality protesters who had gathered downtown. Shortly after 9 p.m., video on social media showed the officers tackling protesters and making arrests as the crowd of several hundred people yelled at them. Police told protesters to move back and get out of the street Continue Reading

‘It’s a war on words’: Turks fear new law to muzzle social media giants | Turkey- Tempemail

When a team of 20 police officers demanded to search journalist Oktay Candemir’s flat earlier this month, he feared the worst: members of the Turkish media who are critical of the government are often arrested on spurious terrorism charges, and he has been in trouble several times before. Instead, one Continue Reading

El Salvador’s next US envoy met Trump at Miss Universe Nayib Bukele El Salvador Ambassador U.S. Donald Trump- Tempemail

El Salvador’s next ambassador to Washington is someone President Donald Trump might remember from his days as a beauty pageant boss. A photo circulating on social media Friday showed a smiling Trump locking arms with Milena Mayorga and two other contestants – Miss USA and Miss Guatemala – on the Continue Reading

Social media and COVID shaming: Fighting a toxic combination shaming People People Facebook Social Media- Tempemail

In the spring, Rick Rose drew the wrath of strangers after he practically shouted on Facebook that he wasn’t buying a face mask. Two months later, he contracted COVID-19 — and, he posted, he was struggling to breathe. Days later, on July 4, he was dead. That post, among the Continue Reading

Woman caught stealing from Uber driver in viral video complains she is being harassed | The Independent- Tempemail

A woman shown on video snatching $5 from a tip jar in an Uber car says she has been harassed since it went viral. Gabrielle Canales suffered a backlash on social media after the recording from the driver’s dashcam showed her reach in to the container at his side and Continue Reading

Billie Lourd introduces newborn son in surprise announcement Billie Lourd Los Angeles AP son son- Tempemail

Lourd announced on her social media Friday that she and her fiance, Austen Rydell, welcomed their newborn son into the world. She is the daughter of the late Carrie Fisher who died in 2016 at the age of 60 following a heart attack. The announcement came as a surprise, since Continue Reading

Former congressman Ron Paul hospitalized, says he’s OK ron paul GOP Austin Texas AP- Tempemail

Former GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul posted a picture of himself in a hospital Friday but said he was OK after video circulated online of him struggling to speak during an interview. The 85-year-old former Texas congressman, who ran for president three times, posted a picture on Facebook showing him Continue Reading

‘Benadryl Challenge’: TikTok trend sparks FDA warning after teenagers reportedly hospitalised- Tempemail

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning of the dangers associated with taking higher than recommended doses of the allergy medication Benadryl after a TikTok “challenge” reportedly saw people hospitalised. On Thursday, the agency cited reports of teenagers “ending up in emergency rooms or dying after participating in the Continue Reading

NIST Overhauls “Security and Privacy Controls” Publication – Here’s What You Need to Know- Tempemail

Back in 2005, the Computer Security Resource Center (CRSC) published NIST 800-53: the “Security and Privacy Controls for Information Systems and Organizations” publication. This “Special Publication,” or SP, has been downloaded millions of times. Its last iteration, Revision 4, was released in April 2013.  It was well past time for Continue Reading

Belarus: Video shows dramatic moment taxi driver helps fleeing protestor escape armed police- Tempemail

A widely circulated video on social media shows the dramatic moment a taxi driver helps a fleeing protestor escape armed riot police in Belarus. The driver is captured helping the young man flee from at least four policemen in pursuit waving batons. The footage unfolded during a protest on Wednesday Continue Reading