Social media backlash forces Trump to find new ways to spread his message | Donald Trump- Tempemail

Donald Trump’s campaign manager sent a warning to Twitter last month, weeks after the social media company first took steps to add labels and context to the president’s often inflammatory tweets. “Hey @twitter, your days are numbered,” Brad Parscale wrote in a tweet, linking to one of his posts on Continue Reading

Jim Steyer: the man who took on Mark Zuckerberg | Technology- Tempemail

With more than two billion users Facebook is bigger than Christianity,” says Stanford law professor Jim Steyer. “Their ability to amplify hate speech or white supremacy or racist messages is so extraordinary because of the scale of the platform.” It’s a typically bold statement from the man who set up Continue Reading

Hacker Spotlight: Interview with meals- Tempemail

@meals has been hacking since September 2014 and has uncovered 926 valid vulnerabilities on Tempemail, ranking 6th on the Tempemail all-time leaderboard. He has an extensive background in penetration testing and found his way into bug bounties contributing to programs like Verizon Media, Shopify and AT&T. Read on to learn Continue Reading

Professional Success = Helping People Grow | A Career Story, Con Sabor- Tempemail

So far, Andreea’s career has been like a roller coaster. Every time I speak to her, I learn that she has taken on new roles, growing as an IT professional and fueling her passion for complex challenges while discovering new places and people. Now she’s in Bucharest, Romania, coordinating several Continue Reading

Cancellation might feel good, but it’s not activism | Suzanne Moore | Opinion- Tempemail

How do you change someone’s mind? This may appear to be a simple question, but it’s a very complicated one. What makes you change your mind? How about this: even though you tried your best in life, you had a couple of bad thoughts that I find offensive, so I Continue Reading

PentaStagiu Online: Sign Up for the Ultimate IT Internship Program- Tempemail

Get the knowledge you need for the IT career that you want! For students, it’s crucial to take advantage of the best opportunities today to help jump-start a successful future career. Now, Pentalog offers you the chance you’ve been waiting for! Participating in an internship is a necessary step for Continue Reading

People of the PentaStagiu: a new generation of competent IT professionals Copy- Tempemail

Time goes so fast, so it is essential to use every minute wisely. As Pentalog is committed to helping passionate professionals in achieving their career goals, we have established a personalized program for each technology. That is exactly what we have been doing as a part of the PentaStagiu 2019 Continue Reading