Email marketing – 6 Predictions For 2019

Email marketing – 6 Predictions For 2019

Technology changes continuously and the associated trends do too. Let’s find out carefully to know what’s in vogue for the Email marketing industry. These are the following sharing idea for 2019.

  1. Mobile Optimized Emails.

According to Flurry Analytics, on Dec. 25 alone, 17.4 million new smart phones and tablets were activated. We can not ignore the shift to mobile reading of emails is now because they are unequivocally too big. Whether it’s simple mobile optimization techniques, tech-enabled live content or trickier responsive designs, 2019 is the year to take comprehensive action. In 2012, there are a handful of brands seen optimizing mobile emails. These Brands are setting in action in 2019.

  1. Special characters in subject lines on fire.

Because many retailers started using them in subject lines last year, special characters like hearts, stars, musical notes, etc. were on the fire. It was completely the biggest subject line trend of the year. It is said that, a little more than 1% of retailers’ subject lines included at least one special character last year. In 2019, Monks expect a double fold trends.

  1. Triggered emails – Treat to watch!

ESPs are making triggered programs progressively easier to set up. However, these programs do take time to establish and optimize, especially more advanced ones like browse-based emails. That means if those marketers’s competitors are less sophisticated, they should enjoy a growing competitive edge because they have already invested significantly in triggered emails. Triggered emails also enjoy higher render rates, Click Through and responses.

  1. Pinterest and email integration to grow.

In February, the first uses of Pinterest content and calls-to-action appeared in retail emails. Nearly 60% of retailers had used a “pin it” button in their emails or promoted their Pinterest boards or a Pinterest-based contest by the end of October. The holiday season paused most Pinterest-email integration efforts, but a further adoption can be expected in the New Year, more movement beyond simply adding a Pinterest icon and more frequent promotion of Pinterest in emails that links to a brand’s pinboards.

  1. Video in email – Spring up!

Finally, HTML5 video will deliver on the video in email experience which marketers have long hungered. Last August Avon, Bloomingdale’s and Brookstone all tried HTML5 video and just last week a Walgreens email used it. Fewer consumers open the video based mailers during the holiday season, however it would not be bombastic to expect many more Brands venturing with HTML5 video in off seasons.

  1. Free shipping – Redefined.

Free shipping is losing its oomph as an effective incentive. During the holiday season, it has become expected particularly. In response, retailers are increasingly dropping the minimum purchase requirement. To ensure a value addition, retailers might be looking to redefine the free shipping buzz word with additional gift cards or year round coupon codes.

In doing so, the prediction of Monks is that you’ll find more opportunities to grow your business than ever before. What are your predictions for email marketing in 2019? Please comment your ideas below!

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