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As automation drives increased productivity, it is also shrinking the number of ‘traditional’ jobs such as administrative assistants or financial analysts. This is another reason why AI and similar digital skills are seeing mass adoption, and enterprises are molding business strategies around them.

Simplilearn, a leading digital skills training provider, published the findings of its annual survey titled “Digital Transformation and Future of Tech Jobs in India”. The survey provides insights into how digital transformation is impacting the Indian workforce. Simplilearn surveyed over 1750 learners and IT professionals in India to understand their views on upskilling, emerging digital skills, and the nature of future jobs.

The report also mentions the key salary levels for entry level jobs for the hottest careers in 2020. We look at some of the high paying jobs

Data Science
Everything in today’s cloud-based business world moves fast, producing and compiling data at a rapid rate. And organizations are opening up their doors to data science and unlocking its power, which increases the value of a data science pros who know how to harness actionable insights out of petabytes of data

Top Data Science Skills
• Programming- R/Python/SAS
• Data Intuition and problem solving
• Business understanding
• Statistics and Probability
• Machine Learning
• Data Visualisation for Business decision making

The field of data science is booming like never before, with over 25000 job openings across sectors and giving rise to new career paths

Cloud Computing

Almost every organization today has adopted some form of a cloud strategy, making cloud computing one of the top sought after skills. And as the world of computing develops, more and more careers are emerging to suit the needs of the evolving cloud landscape.

Top Cloud Computing Skills
• Cloud Architecture
• Cloud Migration and Deployment
• Serverless Architecture
• Devops on Cloud
• Cloud Security

Career opportunities in the field are limitless and over 36,000 cloud jobs are available today, with cloud expertise continuing to drive the technology revolution

Artificial Intelligence
AI is a cluster of technologies applicable to every industry, including healthcare, retail, finance, marketing, and advertising. It offers numerous career paths for professionals with varying levels
of quantitative and applied skills

Top AI Skills
• Machine Learning
• Python and R
• Deep Learning
• Probability and Statistics
• Natural Language Processing
• Computer Vision
• Speech Recognition
• Reinforcement learning

Career opportunities for AI professionals have grown exponentially to meet the demands of digitally transformed industries, and newer job roles keep emerging in this field, with over 31000 AI job openings currently.

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