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While the world continues to live under the cloud of uncertainties and fear arising because of the COVID-19 outbreak, its impact on everyone’s psychology, health issues, and behaviour issues is unimaginable.

With no maids available for help during this lockdown, Spardha Kapoor, a 31-year-old professional, living in Mumbai recently ordered a cleaning robot from Milagrow for her 65+ aged parents who live in Delhi to bring them some respite from all the household cleaning chores. “Now, with social distancing becoming important, such products have become a necessity for houses who are deprived of domestic help, adds Spardha Kapoor.” Milagrow HumanTech has witnessed a 15-20% surge in demand from millennials who are living away from their families for various categories of its cleaning robots, particularly their floor disinfection cleaning robot, imap9 since the past 1.5 month.

There are few items such as doorknobs, switches and remote controls that everyone ends up touching multiple times in a day, even amid the health scare we are currently witnessing. Keeping that in mind, Hong Kong-based Chilli International has launched for the first time in India, Killer 100 Blue Ray disinfection machine. A light weight, multipurpose machine, Killer 100 is ideal for home, workplace, mall, car, or personal use for unparalleled disinfection. Within 3 days of launch, Chilli International’s Killer 100 has seen an increase of 10-12% in queries since the past 3 days across Facebook and its ecommerce websites.

As the government has allowed various organisations to work with 33% workforce Candor TechSpace, a venture by Brookfield Properties has brought in technology-oriented innovations to combat COVID-19 and to maintain a well sanitized workplace. Candor TechSpace has launched contactless sanitizer dispenser for hand- free sanitization and automatic sanitization apparatus that enables sanitisation of passenger vehicles, elevators etc.

These tech innovations are becoming more of a necessity than luxury for homes, offices, hospitals, hotels & other commercial establishments. With keeping social distancing in mind these innovations are playing a very important role in ensuring health, hygiene and safety at homes and workplace.

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