Free Email Marketing Software

3. Data Management

As detailed research from HubSpot shows, segmenting your marketing lists makes a huuuuuge difference to the success of your campaigns – including better open rates, fewer opt-outs, more leads and increased revenue.

We’ve incorporated a whole range of tools for data management, cleaning, storage and segmentation to help you stay completely on top of your lists and campaigns. What’s more, all users get free sign-up forms with unlimited data fields to keep capturing more quality leads, all the time.

4. Automation

Hey, we know you guys are busy plotting world domination. You aren’t going to have the time to put together every individual email, one by one. Instead, we’ve also implemented a bunch of automation tools, including emails triggered by certain user behaviours, and, of course, auto-responses.

So, that’s what we do and how we do it. Even more importantly, we don’t believe in faffing about with limited deals for unpaid subscriptions, which try to force you to sign up for a paid version to unlock the full range of features.

We don’t believe in giving you a taster for just a month or so, only to snatch it away, either. Once you sign up with us, even for free, you’ll have access for life – with no hidden costs or sneaky attempts to upsell to you.

If you tip over the 2,500-person mark, you can buy a subscription, and if you change your mind or dip below, you can scrap it just as quickly.

In short, Tempemail is a top platform with a ton of features and absolutely no risk – and it’s the kind of system that we, as intrepid tech entrepreneurs ourselves, created with others like us in mind.

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