How Can an Anonymous Email Protect you From Phishing

To keep users’ data exchanged on Internet secured and in confidentiality, users are advised to use Anonymous Email service via How does this operate? Scroll down to be clear!
One of the most popular online fraud is phishing including collecting illegally a user’s personal bank account information. This is made silently and illegally by directing a person to a malicious twin of a popular website (e.g. Paypal) ideal places users usually access and login with full of personal information and password.

After your private information and all the important data entered at such a website as though it is secured and familiar, your all information relating to bank account, password will be recorded and collected, immediately all your money will be withdrawn by cyber thieves. When such unlucky stuff happens, it’s extremely intricate to get money back as almost websites will hold the responsible of your action.

This trouble applies not only to Internet banking service but also to the systems for online payment. Nowadays, making payment online becomes widely popular, however these systems even cannot provide the same secured system as the banks.
The Dangers of Phishing

Phishing takes advantage of trick on psychology that affect to user’s motive. Whenever you catch an attractive offer from a familiar source (the interface can make optical illusion to the users as an official bank or an online payment system), users usually are incautious in these situations. The main reason causes this problem worst is that user only use single email address to enter the website for almost purpose and demand.
How to cover the headache problem by using a temporary and disposable email created from

The greatest benefit of using Anonymous Email is to separate business mailbox from common and spam mailbox.

We highly recommend you use the below system (it is also adjusted up to your preference):

You should use the principle email for important tasks relating to Internet banking, online payment systems (it’s better to use a separate email address with each payment system to protect your confidentiality)

It is advised to use another email address for receiving and sending casual emails.

And other purposes, an Anonymous Email address should be used, one of the best service providers is:

All “attractive” emails received to your casual emal from “online payment systems” can be deleted right away as it will be rapidly recognized that they weren’t really sent from your official bank account, Paypal, etc.

Begin from now, your mailboxes will be protected

With using a separate email address for important things, the opportunity attacked by spam message and fraud would be minimized. The least you receive the spam messages, you will decrease the possibility of being phished, directly influenced to your bank accounting information.
In the end, the disposable email addresses created using, are able to clean themselves. It means that all emails recevied into mailbox will be deleted within a hour. Furthermore, you can create as many email addresses as you want to perform different tasks and change them whenever you wish.

Anonymous Emails do not have the feature of forwarding the emails to software such as Outlook Express, keeping all the suspicious emails away from your computer.
Ways of protecting yourself by applying some simple rules

All above will be the first defense to protect users from phishing. However, there’s still little posibility to you data to be tracked and collected dangerously, this is when the next barrier should be applied. This shelter is created by following a set of rules. You have to usually sort out your emails and be always cautious to protect yourself from online phishing.

Scroll down below and make sure to follow:
When you realize any suspicious email, don’t be too hurry to follow as require

Keep calm for certain peculiarities of the emails sent to your mailbox. Confusing phrases, weird formatting, and other small details can warn you that you have received a phishing email. Don’t forget to checking spelling of each letter in email address.

When your mailbox notify about new email coming from your bank or online payment system with “atractive news or offer”  you should make sure if this is true through the official websites of those companies.

When you wan to visit an important website, don’t go there by clicking a link in an email but write its address in the address bar.

Read all about the rule of your email address provider and antivirus software that concern the detection and filtering of spam and suspicious

We hope that would be the very good hand that protects your private data. Just follow and take care of these tips, and you’ll never become the victim of phishing and online fraiud.

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