How to secure your online business via 10 minutes emails

How to secure your online business via 10 minutes emails

Nowadays, it is relatively difficult to conduct business without participating in the life of the Internet community. Any credible organization or entrepreneur has an Internet page for rapid connection with customers and selling products in their own online stores. As a rule, payment is carried out directly on this sites using a bank card or one of electronic payment systems.

Unfortunately, poor security organization of a corporate or personal website can lead to unfortunate consequences. According to statistics, entrepreneurs participated in business on the Internet, annually lose up to 16 billion dollars from the actions of scammers. This amount consists not only of money stolen from e-wallets or credit cards, but also from indirect income of intruders, in particular from the sale of stolen personal data, or from taking money for the return of control over a virus-infected device.

Thus, it is not sufficient to use protected payment systems to completely protect yourself from intruders, as you can lose not only money, but your personal and customers’ data, which can cause much greater losses. Typically, most intruders gain access to accounts of users, who entered weak passwords or disclosed their personal data.  Often, the weakest points are social network accounts and e-mail accounts that are not secured by strong password and hidden personal information.
The most common measures used by intruders are:

– Malware, such as viruses, trojans, worms that break into the normal operation of the system and allow intruders to gain access to the device. Typically, the user infects his device by clicking on a link from a message received by e-mail or in a social media;

–  Data breaching. As a rule, personal  data is stolen during target attacks adopting available personal data;

– Exploits that allow intruders to obtain control over user’s device by using vulnerabilities in the software;

– Various fraudulent schemes that allow to gain access to user’s device  using human weaknesses or emotions.

To perform a strong attack, the intruder develops the most efficient attack method  using disclosed user information. Thus, if a user wishes to protect himself from intruders, first of all he needs to protect all his personal accounts and needs to become more anonymous in web. The most efficient way to achieve these goals is to use proxy servers and temp email services when visiting suspicious web resources or when communicating with unknown persons.

Anonymous mail is very simple to use and does not require any registration. Just open web page of a disposable mail service and you’ll gain access to temporary mailbox, which can be used for anonymous registration in various forums, social media, as well as to communicate with unknown persons.

Temp Email can encourage you to protect yourself from targeted attacks, as you hide your real personal information from intruders. Despite the obvious simplicity of such protection, it can efficiently protect you from intruders, aimed at stealing your data and / or money.

Become more anonymous and you will secure your online business from targeted attacks!

Temporary email address (10 minutes emails)- Why and how? Sometime you want to sign up for a site which requires email address to send a validation e-mail to. But you don’t want to provide your real email because they can send many spam mail to your email. To avoid that, visit this Fake email generator: and you will have a Disposable email address and end up on a bunch of spam lists. This email will expire after 10 minute so you can call this 10 minute email. Our service is free! Let’s enjoy!


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