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As everyone knows, trends are not permanent. However, just because certain business trends may not be here to stay, it doesn’t mean that savvy entrepreneurs can’t use them to achieve positive results in the meantime. Indeed, there are a number of key trends that are just now developing that can benefit growing businesses in significant ways.

To that end, today we’ll review these exciting advancements and explain how growing companies can maximize their impact. Check it out here: 

Remote Employment

There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that remote employment is more than just a passing fad. After all, remote employment has grown significantly over the past 10-15 years. However, COVID-19 has obviously forced many organizations to pursue a remote office set up –– at least for the time being. 

The good news for small businesses is that remote employment brings a number of meaningful advantages. For one, the ability to work with remote employees should allow hiring managers to identify and recruit talented professionals from all across the world. What’s more, businesses can save on various costs associated with occupying, managing, and upgrading physical office space by implementing a remote employment strategy.


It’s understandable that some professionals may be hesitant to trust AI features like chatbots. At the end of the day, AI can’t replicate the experience of speaking with an actual human. Still, chatbots can prove to be very effective tools for businesses looking to improve their customer service.

Chatbots can respond to customer queries outside of regular work hours. They can be programmed to answer common FAQs. And they can even direct consumers to speak with one of your team members. Though chatbots are still far from perfect, small businesses can nevertheless utilize them effectively. 

SEO-Friendly Content

You don’t have to run a multi-billion dollar company to enjoy success on search engines. As a matter of fact, creating SEO-friendly content and websites can enable smaller businesses to outrank their larger competitors.

Of course, creating compelling and engaging content isn’t always easy. But if your team is able to create content that resonates with consumers, Google and other search engines are likely to reward you with high rankings on important search engine results pages. Consider bringing on guest bloggers if you want to boost your online presence in this way. 


Whether you run a speciality clinic like Northwest Surgery Center or your company manufactures office furniture, using these trends can help your business improve substantially. Keep them handy moving forward and be ready to adapt when the time is right because trends don’t last forever!

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