Naomi Higgins and Humyara Mahbub: the 10 funniest things we have ever seen (on the internet) | Comedy- Tempemail

The last time two women did this list, they split it into two halves and said while they are both girls, they are not the same. Well, Naomi Higgins and Humyara Mahbub are both girls and we’re exactly the same. We refuse to be separated from the comforting monolith of girlhood. If you like these videos, you’re a girl too. Welcome. Mark Samual Bonanno, pictured above, is a boy and has been silenced for this article.

The three of us recently created and wrote a sitcom called Why Are You Like This and the whole thing is up on ABC iView right now (and coming to Netflix for the rest of the world soon).

1. Twilight thoughts

This is our favourite TikTok account. We almost got into a fist fight trying to decide which of her videos we were going to choose. Luckily we are separated by state border restrictions at the moment. Nosebleed Fitz really speaks to us by way of being somehow chaotic, aggressive and nonchalant all at once. She also has a lot of great videos of her dancing to Church Bells by Carrie Underwood that are Actual Art. She’s just really funny!!!!

2. Tyler, the Creator’s tweet about cyberbullying

It’s rare that a tweet is so correct and incorrect at the same time. Tyler, the Creator is somehow right … but also, completely missing the point here.

3. I wore a pair of pants yesterday

Naomi is a regular panellist on a show called Gamey Gamey Game, which is where comedians go to talk about games … but more often than not, the game in question gets discussed for about two minutes. In this clip, comedian and writer Kate Dehnert tells a story about a pair of pants she wore yesterday. It is impossible to get across how funny it is without just watching the clip. She is so, so funny and we love her so much.

A pair of pants …

4. This commemorative pictures of us

Our friend Tom Walker commissioned artist Goblin Snacks to do these drawings of us to celebrate the show coming out. This is funny in the way when you are silent for a time and then you scream, which is a kind of laughing.

5. My agonies

This tweet is relevant to us due to our agonies.

6. Mark explaining a board game

We are lucky to be tangentially associated with the only non-problematic group of straight white men in comedy. This video from Aunty Donna features Mark Samual Bonanno, who is the third co-creator and writer of our show. The thing about this video is that it is a documentary and not exaggerated in any way. Mark is like this.

Exactly like this

7. ‘Where does terrorism begin?’

Here we have some girls turning a trope on its head to the point of being offensive. This is incredibly in keeping with the TV show we wrote, and also all of the things we were gently told would probably make a lot of people angry if we kept them in the script. We changed … some of them.

8. ‘I went to the Coinstar and it wasn’t working’

Again, we could not decide which Gabriel Gundacker video to post, but Naomi got to choose the twilight one so Hum wins here.

It’s amazing how many ways Gabriel can say he went to the Coinstar and it wasn’t working. He tweaks it until it feels like a cohesive bit which is a great case study for comedy being meaningless and stupid. It is from here that we would like to put a case forward for standup comedians to not have any rights.

9. ‘Put a finger down’ brown hair edition

One brilliant thing about the internet is how art iterates on itself until it is inscrutable to an outside observer. There is a TikTok format called “put a finger down”, kind of like never-have-I-ever, where you put a finger down if you relate to what they’re saying. Fast-forward until you have this, a grotesque distortion of a video about ~relatable brunette things~.

10. This tweet about Why Are You Like This

We found this tweet about our show and it made us laugh a lot. If you too are feeling this way, our advice is this: Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is Hating Our Show Real Hahahaha Just Walk Away From The Screen Like Close Your Eyes Haha.

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