Riot creates its own publishing label, will produce single-player games in the League of Legends universe

Why it matters: Riot Games is best known for its work on the ever-popular online MOBA League of Legends, but a couple months ago, the studio announced the existence of six new in-development titles, three of which are still shrouded in relative mystery. This announcement proved to the world that Riot is more than just a one-trick pony, and the studio’s latest news further reinforces this fact.

Riot Games has expanded into the upper levels of video game production with Riot Forge, a “player-and-developer-focused” publishing label that will help smaller teams fund and create new titles set in League of Legends’ colorful Runeterra universe.

These games will, for the most part, be “completable,” single-player, story-driven experiences. Though they’ll be set in the League of Legends world and will feature many of its iconic characters, the gameplay of each title will likely be quite different than the MOBA.

Riot has already partnered with several “Experienced” independent studios, and a few of these titles are consequently in the works. Not much is known about them, though, and Riot doesn’t seem to keen on filling anybody in yet.

The company says it will reveal more about the titles its new partners are working on when they are a “little further along” in the development process, which is fair.

We’ve all seen what happens when a studio reveals details about its latest project too early: the graphics get “downgraded,” the gameplay changes (sometimes dramatically), and fans become outraged.

Regardless, we’ll keep you updated on Riot Forge in the future, and we’ll be sure to let you know if any exciting projects get unveiled.

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