Samsung Galaxy S21 launch: 10x superzoom camera phone unveiled | Samsung

Samsung is attempting to fully replace high-end cameras and out-zoom its smartphone competition with the new Galaxy S21 Ultra, the firm’s first to feature a large 10x optical zoom. Announced as part of the company’s Unpacked live-streamed event, the new £1,149 Android superphone has two different optical zoom lenses for Continue Reading

Microsoft previews new lightweight File Explorer for Windows 10X

In brief: As part of its update to the Windows 10X Emulator, Microsoft has included a beta version of its new File Explorer app that’s built around the company’s OneDrive service and is expected to appear on dual-screen devices later this year. In its second public build of the Windows Continue Reading

AMD CPUs and GPUs will power the future world’s fastest supercomputer, 10x faster than current leader

Something to look forward to: The ‘El Capitan’ supercomputer at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) will be built with both AMD processors and GPUs. It is expected to pack more than 2 exaFLOPs of performance and will come online in early 2023. El Capitan will be a huge leap forward Continue Reading

Windows 10X updates will install in under 90 seconds, Microsoft says

In brief: Just a day after Microsoft’s dual-screen Surface Duo smartphone was spotted in the wild, the company has revealed additional details about its upcoming “Windows 10X” operating system, designed for dual-screen devices. We now know that the OS will be capable of updating itself in just under a minute Continue Reading

MIT’s ‘RFocus’ smart surface uses tiny antennas to amplify wireless signals by up to 10x

What just happened? Researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have developed a low-cost external antenna array that could significantly amplify wireless signals. With wireless devices getting smaller every day, this could be a viable solution to a real problem. The project, dubbed RFocus, is described as Continue Reading

Microsoft releases preview SDK for the Surface Duo, envisions Windows 10X on foldables

Why it matters: With dual-screen devices set to bring the next evolution in mobile computing, developer adoption and support remains a key factor in driving the industry forward. Towards that end, Microsoft has announced the preview SDKs for its dual-screen Surface Duo and laid out ideas for optimizing app experiences Continue Reading

Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 10X might appear on more than just foldables

Through the looking glass: If you love Windows 10’s fantastic Search implementation, glittery Start Menu, and all-round fantastic reliability, then a sneaky Microsoft internal document has some good news for you. The new Windows 10X, announced as a companion OS for the dual-screen Surface Neo, will be doubling down on Continue Reading