Vodafone tries, again, to force access to Telstra’s regional mobile network – Telco/ISP- Tempemail

Vodafone is hoping to challenge one of the key grounds used by the ACCC to kill off a contentious bid two years ago to force Telstra’s regional mobile network to be opened to rivals. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is presently consulting on a plan to make mobile Continue Reading

Turk Telekom says internet access restored after cyber attack – Security – Telco/ISP- Tempemail

Turk Telekom has restored internet access after a cyber attack caused connectivity problems, the company said on Monday, adding that it was working to limit any ongoing impact of the issue on users. Turkey’s largest telecoms group said earlier on Monday it had been hit by a cyber attack that Continue Reading

Recent search warrant reportedly shows FBI can access data on locked iPhone 11

The billion dollar question: The FBI appears to have the ability to either unlock or otherwise retrieve data from an iPhone 11 running iOS 13 without having the passcode. If this is the case, why is it asking Apple to unlock two other devices — an iPhone 5 and iPhone Continue Reading

TikTok vulnerabilities could allow hackers to get access to your personal data through SMS messages

Why it matters: If you’re one of the over 1.5 billion users of TikTok, you may want to update your app as soon as possible. According to Check Point security researchers, some versions of the app are vulnerable to several kinds of attacks that could compromise personal information stored on Continue Reading

Black Mesa: Xen releases in Early Access with a 20-percent discount

Highly anticipated: Independent studio Crowbar Collective has gotten one step closer to a full release of its Black Mesa: Xen expansion. The developer soft-launched the title on Steam Early Access on Christmas Eve. While the game is still technically in beta, it is fully playable with about 10-15 hours of Continue Reading

Co-op horror stealth shooter ‘GTFO’ gets Steam Early Access release

Bottom line: A game that might have slid under your radar is GTFO, which means exactly what you think. As co-op shooters go, GTFO is not really like any other. It mashes up the cooperative nature of Left 4 Dead, with the aesthetics of Aliens, and the creepiness of Silent Continue Reading

India’s privacy bill seeks access to users’ data from companies – Cloud – Security – Storage

Changes to India’s privacy bill could cause trouble for Facebook , Google and others as proposals include government powers to request user data to help forge policies. The Personal Data Protection Bill, circulated to parliament members on Tuesday and reviewed by Reuters, was keenly awaited by top technology companies as Continue Reading

Further Reading for the 2019 Digital News Report

The authors welcome feedback on this report and suggestions on how to improve our work via [email protected] as well as potential partnerships and support for our ongoing work. References Chua, S., Westlund, O. 2019. ‘Audience-Centric Engagement, Collaboration Culture and Platform Counterbalancing: A Longitudinal Study of Ongoing Sensemaking of Emerging Technologies’, Continue Reading

Resources and Charts for the 2019 Digital News Report

We encourage free attributed reuse of our text, data or charts within your own websites, publications and presentations. Most charts on digitalnewsreport.org can be embedded within other websites using the embed code provided. Data can also be downloaded for any chart or table using the get data link. All we Continue Reading