1-Click Hack Found in Popular Desktop Apps — Check If You’re Using Them – Tempemail

Multiple one-click vulnerabilities have been discovered across a variety of popular software applications, allowing an attacker to potentially execute arbitrary code on target systems. The issues were discovered by Positive Security researchers Fabian Bräunlein and Lukas Euler and affect apps like Telegram, Nextcloud, VLC, LibreOffice, OpenOffice, Bitcoin/Dogecoin Wallets, Wireshark, and Continue Reading

Hackers Tampered With APKPure Store to Distribute Malware Apps – Tempemail

APKPure, one of the largest alternative app stores outside of the Google Play Store, was infected with malware this week, allowing threat actors to distribute Trojans to Android devices. In an incident that’s similar to that of German telecommunications equipment manufacturer Gigaset, the APKPure client version 3.17.18 is said to Continue Reading

Why Silicon Valley’s most astute critics are all women | John Naughton | Opinion- Tempemail

In November 2019, which now seems like an aeon ago, I wrote about an interesting correlation I had stumbled across. It was that the authors of the most insightful critiques of digital technology as deployed by the tech companies were women. I listed 20 of them and added that I Continue Reading

Google limits which apps can access the list of installed apps on your device – Tempemail

Apps on Android have been able to infer the presence of specific apps, or even collect the full list of installed apps on the device. What’s more, an app can also set to be notified when a new app is installed. Apart from all the usual concerns about misuse of Continue Reading

New Zoom Screen-Sharing Bug Lets Other Users Access Restricted Apps – Tempemail

A newly discovered glitch in Zoom’s screen sharing feature can accidentally leak sensitive information to other attendees in a call, according to the latest findings. Tracked as CVE-2021-28133, the unpatched security vulnerability makes it possible to reveal contents of applications that are not shared, but only briefly, thereby making it Continue Reading

Google Reveals What Personal Data Chrome and It’s Apps Collect On You – Tempemail

Privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo called out rival Google for “spying” on users after the search giant updated its flagship app to spell out the exact kinds of information it collects for personalization and marketing purposes. “After months of stalling, Google finally revealed how much personal data they collect in Chrome Continue Reading

9 Android Apps On Google Play Caught Distributing AlienBot Banker and MRAT Malware – Tempemail

Cybersecurity researchers have discovered a new malware dropper contained in as many as 9 Android apps distributed via Google Play Store that deploys a second stage malware capable of gaining intrusive access to the financial accounts of victims as well as full control of their devices. “This dropper, dubbed Clast82, Continue Reading

From posh blankets to aural apps: the firms cashing in on the demand for sleep aids | Sleep

There are breathing robots versed in “thousands of years of Buddhist breathing techniques” that claim to soothe you to sleep. Then there are weighted blankets that press around 10% of your body weight down as you snooze. And there are apps, such as supermodel Natalia Vodianova’s Loóna, designed to create Continue Reading

UK regulator to investigate Apple over ‘unfair’ App Store terms | Apps

Britain’s competition regulator has opened an investigation into Apple over claims the company is using its control over the App Store to impose “unfair and anti-competitive” terms on app developers. The Competition and Markets Authority announced the investigation on Thursday morning. It says it decided to investigate based on its Continue Reading

‘They track every move’: how US parole apps created digital prisoners | US prisons

In 2018, William Frederick Keck III pleaded guilty in a court in Manassas, Virginia, to possession with intent to distribute cannabis. He served three months in prison, then began a three-year probation. He was required to wear a GPS ankle monitor before his trial and then to report for random Continue Reading